Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bummin' around on a boring Saturday

Eva loves to cuddle with Gabe. However, it requires definate supervision! :)

A day at the zoo with good friends

These are two of my very dearest friends. Brandee is sitting next to me with her little boy who was due two days before me but ended up being five weeks premature. He's definately making up for lost times. Gabe is sucking on his hand because he was teething. He already has two teeth and he's only four months old. Crazy! Anyway, the other lady is Alisha. Two very awesome women!

Eva enjoying one of the many playgrounds and this great zoo.

I love this picture. Notice the kids in the red shirts that say "thing 1, thing 2, thing 3, thing 4". All those kids belong to brandee. They didn't have a thing 5 at the store, so they had to buy another thing 1. I love these shirts!!! The other kids belong to Alisha except one random German boy. Cool tree trunk huh?

Gabriel's first food experience (at 4 months)

Isn't my little man adorable? Look at his cute blue eyes! I was hoping he'd have blue eyes. Anyway, the first pic is during his wonderful journey that is carrots. The second pic is the end of the journey. He obviously loved it. P.S. don't you just love the girly bib? I need some boy ones.

The 4th of July

If you look at this picture carefully, you can see the bubbles Eva was playing with. She LOVES bubbles.

My daughter the cheater!!! She kept stealing the football from a guy trying to throw it thru the holes. She would take the football and run up to the hole and toss it thru. She kept doing it for the longest time. The guy started to get pretty annoyed, but I just thought it was cute and funny.

Crazy, Weird Child!

Ok, Eva really likes to run around naked with only a hat on. She's such a nut. Well, the other day, this is how I caught her. She has this hat on inside out, she's naked, and in Gabe's saucer backwards. I wanted to take a picture of her butt because it looked so hilarious. Her buttcheeks were totally hanging out of one side of the leg holes. I spared everyone the view though.