Friday, October 31, 2008

Pictures from our night out trick-or-treating

Elise, Eva and Nathan out trick-or-treating. Eva has a crush on Nathan.

Gabe and Wyatt. These two were due two days apart, but Wyatt was five weeks early. It's so fun watching the two of them grow up together. I just wish we weren't moving away from them.

Eva fell asleep before we even left to go trick-or-treating. She was so excited, she wore herself out. It was so funny. She was using the hood (the head of the frog) for a pillow.

Gabe is Bob the tomato from the veggie tales. Isn't it cute?

Halloween party pics

These two girls are my neighbor girls. Their mom Sarah is my really good friend. Eva loves these girls. Notice Eva on the floor.

This was at our ward halloween party. They had the kids line up for a costume compitition. The little gilr in the joker's costume won. She's way cute.

The little boy in the army outfit kept shooting all the other kids with his gun. He definately had the right cotume for it.

Eva was telling me to go away in this pic. She was too busy watching Dora to look at the camera. P.S. She's a frog. You can't really see the head of her costume real well. I have more pictures coming. I'm taking her trick-or-treating tonight. These pics were from last weekend. And I promise to get some of Gabe.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Poor, Tired Gabe

We were eating dinner the other night and I looked over and found Gabe dosing off. So I said, "Hello Gabe" and he immediately piped up and gave me this funny wide awake smile.

After another second, I turned my head and he started to stare off. He kept giving my friend Laura this really dirty look. It was hilarious. He was just staring her down. Then he slowly started dozing off again. It was funny to see how fast he went from sleep, wide awake and happy, to mean and staring, then back to sleep.

And this is how it all ended. Isn't he cute?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall fun continued....

I thought these geese were fake when we first drove by them, but they're not. I just thought it was so funny to see them purched there. There was a gray cat sitting right next to one of them but I couldn't get the picture in time before it jumped down. They are on a wall of some beautiful german house up in the vineyards.

Some random town not far from Mainz, Germany.

Can anyone see the gargoils? They are totally awesome! There were three different sun dials on this chruch too.

Enjoying the beautiful fall weather in Germany

Friday, October 10, 2008

Answers to Gilly's "Tag"

1. Favorite TV shows to watch:
a. Grey's Anatomy
b. Top Chef
c. Project Runway
d. The Office
e. So you think you can dance
f. American Idol (especially the first few episodes)

2. Things that happened today:
a. woke up at 4:00 because my stupid cell phone was running out of battery so it was beeping.
b. woke up again at 4:20 because Gabe decided to be difficult and wake up for good, bright eyed and bushy tailed.
c. got the kids ready, packed a bag, and drove to the airfield to go work out. I dropped the kids off at the daycare and I went and took my favorite class-Zumba.
d. Came home, got a quick shower, fed the kids, packed a new bag, drove to my friend's house and we all went swimming for three hours.
e. came home, changed, ate dinner, got the kids ready for bed, played with them on the floor, read a little from my awesome book, and now typing this.
f. what a fun life I lead huh? Kids, kids, and more kids.

3. Favorite places to eat:
a. this little german resturaunt at the top of a mountain in Eppstein Germany. It has the best stake in the world!!!
b. Hubbland-an awesome greek restaraunt in Wurzburg Germany.
c. Cafe-Rio
d. Z-tejas
e. the Cheesecake Factory

4. Things I'm looking forward to:
a. Hans coming home!!! in one and a half months!!!!!
b. Hans coming home
c. Hans coming home
e. meeting my goal weight. I'm half way there!
f. Hans coming home

5. Things on my wish list:
a. Hans
b. Hans
c. Hans
d. Hans
e. new clothes
f. new body to go with those clothes
h. to go back to school and get a degree
i. a maid

There you go Gillian. That's fun. Did you catch the theme going on in this? I MISS HANS!!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday to Eva!

I can't believe it was already 2 years ago that Eva was born. It doesn't seem like we've had her for that long. I'm still feeling the pain from her birth. :) This smile was when we were all singing happy birthday to her. She was loving the attention.

She's totally lovin' the fire. (of course, she wouldn't put her bread down either)

Blowin' out the candles.

Havin' a taste test first.

Ugggh. I'm so full! But it was totally worth it!