Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gabriel's first offical roll (from the back to the stomach) at 3 1/2 months

Mmm, that hand is tasting so good. I want to eat it but I can't reach it from this angle.

Oh no, I got a little carried away and now I'm stuck. Mommy, help me please.

Now I'm in trouble. How do I roll over from here? And where'd my fist go? I'm getting mad now.

Ah! Summer time!

Our favorite thing to do is enjoy the awesome german swimming pools. We went earlier this week with lots of friends. Eva and her friend Grace seemed to have more fun in the sand box however. P.S. sorry I don't know how to photoshop that discusting looking man in a speedo in the background.

.....after the sandbox. Eva's really not enjoying the taste of sand in her mouth.

Our Retreat in Willingen, Germany

This last weekend, the kids and I took a trip. The army was sponsoring a free retreat for women/men who have deployed spouses. Kids were welcome and free babysitting was provided during the classes. We had lots of free time too. On our time off from classes, the kids and I walked down to the center of town and found a fun park for Eva. The bridge was a great view on this very very steep hilly walk. I won't be doing that again with a double stoller!

When I saw this, I imidiately thought of you dad. This pigeon loft was across the street from the park. The pigeons were flying around the entire time we were down there and right when we left, they all landed on the roof of the loft. Eva really loved to watch them fly in circles. She kept saying "bird, bird, bird" over and over until it became extremely annoying.

It was a little chilly that day. I feel bad for Gabe. He gets the short end of the stick. He just has to watch while Eva gets to be mobile and run around like crazy. I think he has thoughts of jumping out of his carseat and going and tackling her to the ground. I actually can't wait for that day. :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ok, I just couldn't help myself. I saw this adorable hat and purse at H&M the other day. They were only 5 Euro combined, so I hoped on that deal imediately. Eva loves purses and hats. She's been roaming around the house these days with my big white floppy hat, so of course I saw this and knew I could finally keep her away from my hat if she had one of her own. She runs around everywhere with her new stuff now. I get lots of comments from people saying how much they love that hat. The outfit was one of the dresses that oma and opa sent her. We love it.

Can you see the total and complete happiness in her face? She's such a girl! Heaven help us all! She's already the world's biggest pre-madona.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pictures for Daddy

I just started putting Gabe in his saucer and he seems to really like it. He's become really aware of things lately. It's been fun to watch him start to grab for toys. He's a great little boy.

A couple mornings ago, Eva woke up at 5:30 in the morning, found her floaties and a sun hat, walked into my bedroom and said, "pool". She then grabbed my hand, pulled me out of bed, and walked me to the patio where we have a little blow-up pool filled with water. Of course, I had to tell her no because it was too early and of course, she threw a fit, but she got over it. She did get to swim a few hours later. I thought it was hilarious to see her get herself all ready to go, pajamas and all. She's such a nut. She's even trying to grab my hand in this picture to take me over to the patio.