Sunday, June 30, 2013

Visit from Family!

We just came off of a great high.  We had Jason, Michelle, Alyssa and Scott come for a visit.  We were also lucky enough to have Sage Teichert come as well.  They all got here on Thursday night and left today (Sunday).  I of course forgot to take pictures with my camera but luckily Michelle was smart enough to take some from hers.  We had such a fun filled weekend.  I wish every weekend was like this.  I really appreciate everyone coming out. 

The last time I saw Sage was in college.  I still haven't met his wife but hope to soon.  It was great catching up on old times.  I even discovered he does the dishes. :) 

On Friday Sage had some people to visit (he served his mission here).  Hans had to work for a little bit, so Jason's family came with the kids and I to Worlds of Fun.  Wow!  What a great day that was.  I did feel a bit sorry for Gabe because he was too short to ride most of the big rides.  Eva was just big enough.  I was so proud to call her my daughter that day (and every day).  She wasn't scared at all to ride the big roller coasters.  She loved them.  Definitely my child!  Gabe was really bummed he could ride the coasters with us so Jason took him and Scott to the water park while Michelle, Eva, Alyssa and I rode the coasters to our hearts content.  After the great day, we hung out and relaxed by the pool in the backyard.  We roasted hotdogs and marshmellows over the firepit with Sage and Hans too.  It was just nice to kick back and have a great visit.

On Saturday we took everyone to Fort Leavenworth for a quick visit.  After that we hung out at the house and got ready for our race.  It was a glow run so it didn't start until 9:15pm.  This was my very first race and I have to say, what a perfect race for the first time.  It was only 5K so I was able to run the entire way without stopping (even if it was really slow).  There were 11,000 people running so it was really crowded, but super fun too.  So many people were decked out in all kinds of glow in the dark things.  I would loved to do another one of these races.  Michelle and Alyssa were kind enough to stay back with me and run at my pace.  It was fun to watch Michelle pick up all the glow sticks that would fall on the ground from other people as they were running.  By the end of the race, she had about 100 glow sticks she was running with.  Crazy lady!  That's why I love her to pieces. 

I just want to say thank you to Jason and his family for coming out for such a fun time.  Next time, Hans and I will have to come do a race up in your neck of the woods.  Thank you to Sage also for coming for a visit.  He's so much like his dad it cracks me up.  I sure love him!

Here's the link to Michelle's pictures of the trip:!/michelle.l.clark.94/media_set?set=a.10151532872170852.1073741839.655155851&type=1


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day to both Papa Doc and Opa Joe!  We've made some great memories.  Above is a nice video conveying the spirit of Father's Day, below photo is from our pre-Christmas 2012 visit and bottom is from Lindsey's visit to UT for Gillian's wedding.  Looking forward to many more memories to come.

Hans and Lindsey
Eva & Gabe

Monday, June 10, 2013

Here's an update with pics

Here's a link to pictures we've taken over the last month.  I will try and update more often.  Let me know if this link works.