Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Does it even matter?

Okay, if you're German, don't take offense by this.  It's a generalization...

Why oh why do German's feel it their duty to try and "teach" me how to parent?  Especially those who don't even have kids of their own?  And over the most insignificant things too?  I dropped Eva off to school today.  Almost every day, Eva wears her pink cowgirl boots to school.  She loves them.  I love them.  She plays outside our house with them every day too.  Even in the dead heat of summer, she'll wear them.  She never complains of how hot her feet get, and seems to not be bothered by it, so I don't care if she wears them.  Why would I fight her on this?  It doesn't bother me, doesn't bother her, so why disrupt something good right?

Well, one of her teachers at school started getting after Eva this morning for wearing her boots again.  Then she turns to me and informs me that all of Eva's teachers (3 of them) told her she was not allowed to wear those boots outside anymore because they are too hot.  She was upset with Eva because she apparently didn't listen to them and wore them anyway.  However, they never informed me that she couldn't wear them.  I asked if Eva had been complaining of her feet being hot outside and her teacher said no, but they all thought it was best for her not to wear them.  I told her it didn't bother me if she wore them outside and if Eva wasn't complaining about them, it was fine.  She then proceeded to give me a lecture on the fact that apparently Eva is the boss in my house.  She said Eva was just playing a game with me and showing me who's boss by not listening to me as to what shoes to wear.  I told her I never said she couldn't wear the shoes because I don't care if she wears them.  I also said if I told Eva not to wear them, she wouldn't.  However, the teacher just continued to "give me pointers" on how to show Eva I was in control and not her and that she can't wear the boots.

It really gets under my skin when someone else feels it's their duty to teach me how to parent my child.  It especially bugs me when it's coming from someone who doesn't have kids of their own.  And, why does it seem so much more annoying coming from a German?  Maybe because they are the only ones that seem to feel it their duty to correct any kind of behavior that's not up to their standards.   Aka...remember the German woman who threw piping hot fries at Eva's face when she was three years old?  Or the German doctor who screamed at Gabriel on the top of his lungs because Gabe was trying to reach for another gummy bear, even though he didn't touch anything!?

Okay, now I'm just ranting and raving.  Let's just blame it on the pregnancy and being overly hot with no A/C right now.  I promise I really do like it here and I've met some really awesome Germans along the way.  This is just a stereotype.


Saturday, August 06, 2011


 Well, I didn't get as many pictures as I thought, but what I did get, I'll treasure.  I don't know where Gillian was in this first picture.  I think she actually hadn't showed up yet.  But look how pretty all my sisters are.
 I'm so glad Jason and Michelle decided to bring some of their kids.  I haven't seen Alysa since she was about three years old.  I have also discovered that I totally love Jared.  How could someone who belongs to Jason be so cool? :)
 My three favorite boys in the whole wide world...with the exception of Gabriel of course. :)  Adrianne and Mike have done such an amazing job raising three very incredible kids.
 Ella is such a beautiful, sweet little girl.  She sure is growing up fast.  Eva saw this picture and said that Ella is prettier than she is, which says a lot since Eva thinks very highly of herself. :)
 "what you lookin' at?  You got a problem?"  I have nothing to say except that I am totally in love with this ball of fire!
 Aren't my brothers so cute?
Here we are all together, which never happens since we all live so far apart.  I just wish it was under better circumstances.  We all came together for the funeral of sweet baby Laila Richards.  She is the daughter of my sister Adrianne.  Laila was three months old when she passed away in her sleep.  It was a very emotional week full of tears, hugs, and lots of love.  I am so amazing at the outpour of love Adrianne and Mike have been shown.  And by people they don't even know well.  I hope they will continue to feel the arms of the Savior around them during these next hard, long months, years, ahead without their beautiful little girl.  They are a very strong family and have set an amazing example to me of how to have a Christ centered home.  I love you both and your three amazing boys.  You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.  I love you all.