Thursday, August 06, 2009

Utah Trip Pics

All my brothers and sisters finally together for the first time in six years. It makes for a very loud and crazy house.

These pictures are totally not in order, but here they are. Gabe and Eva both loved the pigeons. Grandpa was so sweet to take them to Utah Lake with him to let the birds go. Thanks dad!

At the reception, Gabe was totally in love with this baby. He followed her around all night and kissed her.

At the reception.

At the temple waiting for the bride.

Aren't they a pretty couple?

Uncle Dave and Gabe strikin' a pose.

Uncle Dave teasing Gabe and him lovin' every minute of it.

Talk about your stinky eye face...

At the rehearsal dinner. I think I have some of the cutiest nieces and nephews.

I love Ella's eyes. They are so unique.

Ammon was getting ready to wipe off my kiss. How rude! I have good germs Ammon. :)

The bride and groom to be.

Jason, Jake, Chelsey, Brent, and Adam just chillin at the party.