Friday, June 01, 2012


 I found this picture of a German landscape at a local Flea Market last weekend.  I was extremely pleased with the deal I got and I think it looks beautiful on my wall.  It will always remind me of Germany, long after we have moved away.
 On another note, Cecily turned 8 months today.  On her 8th month birthday, she learned how to crawl. :)  She's still not very good at it, but that will come.  I'm one of those weird parents that are actually happy and relieved when my kids start to become mobile.  All my kids have been really heavy babies (as seen in the picture:) ), so holding them hurts too much.  When they can move on their own, they become much happier babies.  It may make my job harder having to watch what they're doing and where they're going 24/7, but at least I won't be in pain as much from holding them.
                                                           "What?  You lookin' at me?"
                                           She's getting tired, but still manages to give me a smile.

 Cecily finally got her first two teeth about a month ago.  Eva and Gabriel both got teeth really early, so this has been a little different this time around.  I have been blaming her poor behavior on teething ever since she was born, even though it took her seven months to finally get them. :)  She is getting over another double ear infection right now.  She also has a bad case of allergies.  So, considering she's not feeling great, she has been a pretty good girl the last couple days.
 A few weeks ago, Eva had her Ballet recital.  She was so excited to perform on stage.  She has been taking dance since last fall and LOVES it!  The teacher says she's a natural.  Wherever we end up moving, I'll have to find her another dance studio because this is something she truly enjoys.
 Her friend Michaela (on the left) is also taking swimming lessons with Eva and Gabe and the three of them are like the three amigos.  I adore their family and have really enjoyed getting to know her mom, Jenny.  The little girl in the middle is also named Ava Marie, just spelled with an A instead of an E.  All three of these girls will be going to kindergarten together in the fall.

Last but not least, Hans and I attended a military ball in Heidelberg, Germany two weeks ago.  Balls aren't really my favorite things to go to because they tend to be boring and stuffy, but at least it was a night out without kids and I didn't have spit up on me for once.  Thanks to my wonderful neighbor Khadisha for watching the kids for us and doing my hair and make-up.  I have the best neighbors in the world!