Monday, July 20, 2009

"I uh mess"

The other day, I had put Gabe down for a nap and turned on a kid show for Eva so I could have a shower by myself for once. After I got done getting dressed, I came down to check on Eva. This is how I found her.

My first instinct was to kill her. I wanted to scream so bad but as soon as I opened my mouth to yell at her she just smiled really big and said "I uh mess" and gave me another smile with a cute laugh. She was so proud of herself. So, instead of screaming, I had to run out of the room so she wouldn't see me laugh my head off. Of course, the funnies wore off as soon as I had to clean her up. This nestle chocolate mix was completely full when she got it down from the pantry and when I grabbed it from her, it was completely empty.
The problem was this: I didn't have time to be cleaning this all up. I had to take the kids to the doctor and I was going to be late already. So, I picked her up very carefully so the powder wouldn't get all over the carpet (even though it was already all over) and I made her stand on the deck outside. I then turned on the hose and sprayed her down. I had to leave the mess on the floor and couch for when I got home. What a crazy child I have.

Visit from Oma and Opa

Grandma and Grandpa Erhmann (Lokodi) came to visit us during the fourth of July weekend. We enjoyed having them over and the kids loved playing with them. We went to the Zoo and the beach in Charleston. Oma and Opa brought the kids some new chairs. Eva is having a great time trying on their shoes while sitting in her new chair.

We went to the harley davidson store in Charleston. The A/C felt real good in there after spending an entire morning out in the heat and humidity.

At the zoo.

Mom and son.