Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our fun this week.

This is Eva's sacred blanket. I was in the other room for a minute and came back in to discover that Eva had gotten out of the tub, found her blanket, and climbed back in with it. She was so happy. I was going to take a picture of the water after the blanket had gotten completely submurged, but I was too embarrassed at how brown it became. She never lets me wash the dang thing, so I was kind of grateful she put it in there with her. At least it got washed...sort of. Of course, I had to get her out of the tub because it ended up making her more dirty than before she got in it. Then she freaked out because I wouldn't let her drag her "B" everwhere around the house soaking wet. I had to eventually hide it from her while it was drying because she kept trying to get back in the tub to get it.

This has got to be one of my favorite pictures ever. Too bad it turned out a little fuzzy. A couple things about this picture...I'm a bad mom and let them watch "educational" TV shows. hee hee hee. This is how I found the two of them the other day. She has clothes on under that soccar jersey, but she just loves that big shirt. It actually belongs to the neighbor girl who is eight, so it drowns her. She borrowed it for PJ's one night and that was it! She fell in love. She where's it around the house over her other clothes. She won't play dress-up with all the cute little tu-tu's she has, but she loves this dang thing. What's wrong with my girl? Then, the fact that she's using Gabe's belly as a pillow? She's a total nut. What's even funnier is that Gabe loves it! She sits on him when he's in his carseat and I hear him laughing his head off, not crying that she's on him. He loves to play with her hair too. It's so cute. They really love each other. They sat like this for quite some time that day.

These two pics are of them just chillin' together again. And, of course, it was while they were watching dora. Eva has really gotten into Dora the Explorer. Are any of your kids into her? I think she also has a major crush on Diego. Gabe just rolls over next to her and hangs out. How do you like all the folded laundry I didn't put away for two days? It just sat in the living room for two days until I was tired of refolding it because Gabe kept destroying the piles.

Doesn't she look so grown up? She's changed so much since Hans has been gone. It's crazy how much she's grown.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hanging out with Cousins

I don't know if you can see this any larger than this. We were hanging out at Renee's house the other day and took some pictures. She sent them to my email and I'm not sure how to get the picture any bigger.

From Left to Right: Derek, Eva, Gabe, Hailey.

Friday, September 05, 2008


ok some more pics

They were shy at first but then they warmed up to the camera.

They look kind of like american kids.

Here are some village kids, believe its an orphanage.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Last of the pics

The land that time forgot...Flying over this landscape I saw goats scattering as we flew overhead, children playing barefoot, boys splashing in a water hole. I can totally imagine the OT story of Jacob working 7 yrs for his uncle to marry Leah/Rebekkah, taking place right here in this time.

The reason I got to travel was a temporary gig as a note taker for the Commanding General's engagements - a great experience but glad its over so I can get back to my nice boring old routine.

more pics again

More pics

The trip was from Tikrit to Baqubah, these are the villages between.

My cool couple days travelling

I finally got to travel this week in a blackhawk. Here are some pics of the Iraqi countryside.