Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 Happy Halloween!  We had our ward Trunk-or-Treat party on Saturday.  We all had a great time.  Cecily wore the same ladybug outfit that Eva wore when she was just a month old.  I posted the picture of Eva in the costume and Cecily so you can see the similarities between the two of them.  The picture of Eva isn't very good, but they sure do look a lot alike.  Eva's picture is at the bottom.

 This was taken today before heading off to church.  Cecily at 4 weeks old.  It looks like she'll end up with blue eyes!

 I love how Ceci is looking at Eva.  Cracks me up.  Of course, Eva just had to come be in the picture.  She's such a cheezer.  Today was the primary program in sacrament meeting.  That's always my favorite Sunday.  Eva did awesome!  She had her part completely memorized.  She quoted D&C 1:38.  I'm so proud of her!

Eva, Halloween 2006.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cecily's first bath

 Cecily loves the bath.  Her cord fell off after only 4 days, so we've been having fun giving her baths.

 I absolutely love the expression on her face here.  She looks so annoyed to be having her picture taken.  We discovered after her first bath that she's just way too big to be giving her a bath in the sink.  She barely fit in there. :)
 I had to throw in these last two pics.  I love having our little family complete.  Eva and Gabe love their baby sister to pieces!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Happy birthday to one adorable 5 year old.

 Eva was one happy camper this morning.  She even told us last night that she couldn't wait to go to bed so she could wake up and it would be her birthday. :)  She loved the gifts from Oma and Opa this morning.  They were every 5 year old girl's dream...sparkles and color!
 This is Gabe's begging face.  He wanted to open up some of the gifts.  Eva was kind enough to let him help her.  How could you resist that face anyway?

 This was the first pose Eva gave me when I took the camera out.  This girl is hilarious.  This is one of the outfits from Oma and Opa.  We let her wear it to German kindergarten this morning.
 She's saying she's Five today!
 Gabe's almost as tall as she is.  He's been a trooper lately.  It's been kind of hard on him lately with a new baby to get used to and then Eva's birthday.  He's going to need a special day with just mommy soon.
 I found Eva daydreaming before we left for school this morning.  She's already looking so grown-up.
 When she got home from school, this is what she found.  We've been meaning to get her a bike for so long and never have until now.  She was so excited.  The school made her this crown too.  It's has been a very good day for her.  Sometimes it makes me wish I was five again.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

She has arrived!

 Our Cecily has arrived and has completely captured our hearts.  She arrived on Oct. 1, 2011 at 12:35 pm. My water broke at 7am and she was born 5 and a half hours later.  Much shorter than the other two!  She weighed in at 10 pounds 5 oz and 22 1/2 inches long.  I have to admit I totally didn't expect her to weigh that much, but at least it makes perfect sense why for the last two or three weeks of pregnancy I would get at least two comments a day asking if I was having twins. :)
 Pushing was quite difficult with her.  Her shoulder got stuck and she just wasn't wanting to help in the process of coming.  They had to have one lady push down from the top of my belly and another pulling the baby out.  Her shoulder came out a little sore, but the doctor says it will be just fine.  She wasn't breathing when she arrived, so they had to immediately cut the cord and rush her out of the room.  It scared me a bit because I didn't hear her crying and I didn't know what was going on.  They didn't communicate what the issue was because they were in such a hurry.  However, shortly after, they got her breathing and I heard a nice healthy scream from the other room.  She was pretty purple when I was first able to see her but her color as greatly improved and she's got a nice healthy glow.  She looks exactly like Eva did when she was born, just a bit chubbier. :)

 How do you like the big flowers on the top of Eva's head?  She's got quite a sense of style huh? :)

 On another note, Jess and Jen arrived on Friday and then had to leave on Monday.  So, I got to spend at least all of Friday with them (even if they were totally jet lagged) and half of Monday before dropping them off at a hotel to catch a really early flight the next day.  I was released from the hospital on Monday around noon.  After we got home, we all had lunch together (thanks to Renee for providing it) and then headed down to the Mosel River.  I had never really driven down there.  I was definitely pleasantly surprised.  We'll have to do that again.  Jen suggested this because she used to live in that area for about a year when she was 14.  We spent the afternoon and evening down there and then dropped them off at a hotel near the Hahn airport.  Gabe has a huge crush on Jen.  He even played with her hair.  He would also follow Jess around like he was some kind of super hero or something.

 Ok, I completely looked hammered, but I did just have a baby two days ago.  I guess make-up would have helped but that would mean I would have had to try. :)  In the picture below, Gabe looks like he's wearing a skirt, when in fact, it's one of Jen's shirts.  Along the drive, both Eva and Gabe needed to use the bathroom so we pulled over on the side of a small little road.  As soon as Gabe got out, he announced he had to poop and didn't bother waiting for help.  He just did it right there, forgetting to bend his bottom back.  Yep, the poop got all over his shorts and underwear.  It would have been stressful if it hadn't have been hilarious.  Jen, the genius that she is, used a shirt of her own (because I never carry extra clothes for him any more) and Gabe's belt from his pants to make some kind of coverage for his bare bottom.  It turned out great!

It was so wonderful to see Jess and Jen.  We just wish they could have stayed longer.  Have a great rest of your trip guys and now it's time for me to take it easy and just relax...with three kids in tow.