Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I'm horrible at keeping updated. Hopefully we will be able to get internet at home soon. We are working on that right now, but it's really expensive and there is only one company that works with the americans here in Germany. They can charge so much because they know americans will pay for it. I am morally apposed to giving them my business for this reason. So, Hans has to call around to some German places and see if anyone can give us internet even though we live on post. We'll see. Hopefully we can succeed because Eva is getting to the age where she doesn't sit still long enough at the library for me to read my emails let alone respond to any.

Things here are good. We are getting excited to go to Utah for a visit in July. We arrive on the14th and leave on the 28th. We will be bringing Hans' relative with us. He's a young single guy who speaks good english. He's almost done with pharmacy school. He's really nice and I think he'll really love Utah.

Eva is slowly learning how to crawl, but she mostly still rolls everywhere to get where she needs to go. She also just got her first tooth this week. It's still not in all the way, but you can see and feel it now.

Hans is gone for the next month doing some kind of field training. It's been really hard and it has only been two days. I think it's because I know this is what it will be like when he's in Iraq. I think it just hit me really hard last night when I realized he wasn't coming home for dinner. I just started to bawl. But, looking down at Eva made me stop because I know I have to be strong for her sake. Hans does a lot for our little family and it's hard when he's gone because there's a big void. I feel for him. He misses Eva already. I do get to talk to him on the phone though, which helps. Hopefully this time will pass by quickly. The military seems to like to get the family prepared for deployments by taking their spouses away before they even deploy for 15 know...just to get you used to the idea of having them gone. I'm sorry. I must sound bitter. I'm really not, I just am going to miss him a great deal when the time comes.

Sorry for the venting. I feel better now. Love you all! I'll post pictures when I can.