Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Naughty and Nice

It's amazing how quickly little girls can go from nice to naughty. This is Sierra, Eva's best friend. They have a love/hate relationship. They are two of the most strong willed little girls ever.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kids, kids, and more kids

We've had a pretty busy couple of weeks here. Currently, we are staying with my friend Brandee's kids. Brandee and her husband went on a cruise for 12 days, so we are watching their five kids and dog. Before you think me a saint, don't. We have alterior motives. :) They will be watching our kids for 7 days in April while Hans and I go to Ireland. I figure it's a fair trade because my two kids are equivilant to their five and their horrid dog. :) We've actually had a pretty fun time with them (except for the middle of the nights and early, early mornings). The kids had school off on friday and monday, so we had some fun activities planned. We had a big party at my house to celebrate Valentine's day. That was on Saturday. We had 19 children and only seven adults there. My friend Lisa was also watching another family's four kids. She brought her four kids and the four they were watching over the weekend. My cousin Renee came with her two kids, and our other friends Suzanne and Roger came with their two kids. Every year we have a tradition to let the kids decorate sugar cookies with frosting and tons of candy. After the candy fest, we all went to the movie Astro boy (very dumb, don't waste your time or money). On Monday, I took the all seven kids with me to Ramba Zamba and had a blast. It's an indoor play area that's even fun for adults. The trampolines are a total blast. The big jungle gym is tall enough for me to stand straight up in.

Where's Gabe?
Eva LOVED this slide. I went on it quite a few times myself. She started getting more daring each time, wanting to go down backwards and head first.

This is Caleb in the air. He's one of the kids I'm watching. It's super fun to jump real high off the top and bounce off at the end.

Gabe couldn't get enough of the ball pen.

Eva carried this balloon around everywhere. She and I loved the trampolines the best.

At my house in Mainz-Kastel with the girls. This was at our Valentine's party. Suzanne is to my left and Lisa and Renee are to my right. These three girls are the ones that ran the Frankfurt Marothon together. They call themselves the running G-ma's (running grandmas because they want to be running even when they're grandmas).

Renee's adorable boy Derek.

These are the cookies Courtney made. She's the only girl in the family of five kids I'm watching. She's a great help.

Way too many boys!!

This is Wyatt and Gabe (wyatt is the youngest of the five). They have a love/hate relationship. Well, mostly a hate relationship. They have their love moments, but they're few and far between. They were due two days apart, but Wyatt was five weeks early, so now they are one month apart. These two are quite the handful sometimes. They fight over toys like crazy! They also both love to hit each other. Wyatt may look sweet, adorable and small (which he most of the time is) but he can hold his own with my little monster!

Here's my little monster. This is his "I'm going to go crazy on you any second now" face. When you see this face, run!

This is my adorable friend Kara. She gave me this camera that I'm using. I broke my other camera right after our trip to Scotland (one of the reasons why I haven't posted much). She just gave it to me. She wouldn't let me pay her either. This camera is a Sony Cyber-shot 7.2 mega pixels with a huge zoom. She's such a doll. I really apriciate it. Another reason she's the bomb-diggity...she went to BYU on a full ride golf scholorship. I can't wait until this summer. I'm making her give me golfing lessons! Love you Kara!