Monday, January 18, 2010

The Biggest Loser

They've been having this Biggest Loser compitition for 10 weeks at our gym here in Wiesbaden. At the beginning of the compition, they had a weigh-in and recorded our inches and body fat percentage. It was over this last Saturday. They had a few different prizes. They had a team prize and an individual prize. In order to be the winning team, you had to have the most points. You accumulated points like this:
1 point for every hour spent in the gym
1 point for every pound lost
1 1/2 points for every percentage of body fat lost
1 point for every group exercise class attended (example: zumba, muscle failure, spin, etc.)

Every Monday, you had to weigh in and test your body fat then it was recorded. They didn't record your inches lost until the very end of the compition. They also kept track of your gym hours and such. Everything was tallied up at the end and combined with your other teammates. I had three other girls on my team. We'd also have challenges every Wed. We wouldn't get points for those challenges, it would just be for bragging rights and a prize. Our team won most of those competitions. We won some free personal training sessions and free 30 minute massages.

The winner of the individual prize won by having the overall most weight lost, not points accumulated or body fat, but simply weight loss.

My team won!! We won by a landslide. We each got a $300 gift certificate and t-shirt. We all worked very hard. As far as the individual winner...I lost by 0.7 pounds. The overall winner lost 21.9 pounds. I lost a total of 21.2 pounds. Let me just tell you how annoyed I was. I'm proud of the girl that won and I'm proud of myself for working so hard and losing that weight, but to come that close and not win...that's just annoying! Oh well. They're having another biggest loser competition in March. Maybe next time, I'll win. I still have 20 more pounds to lose, so this would be good. However, this competition has been extremely good for me. I have become a little addicted to exercising. I can finally say I enjoy working out. I have also learned the right way to eat. I'm am working hard to keep portions low and not over-indulge. I am looking forward to having a healthy, happy future.