Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happening in Germany

Here are the happenings with us lately: We bought this car on thursday. We don't get it until sometime next week because we're waiting on the title, but I'm excited. We got a great deal on it. It's got seven seats and is fully loaded. It will be nice to be able to finally have enough room to give people rides. All the seats fold down too so we can haul stuff if needed. The only problem is, it's a monster of a car. German roads and parking lots aren't made for large cars. This should be interesting. I'm a pretty confident driver, but this is going to be a challenge.
Eva has her own sense of style. She puts on the funkiest outfits. She is really a lot of fun. She's got a definate attitude problem, but we're working on that. :) She's speaking German more and more these days. I'm very proud of her. She likes her little german kindergarten. She's making friends there. She and Gabe are also starting to play together more. That has been fun watching them interact more. They love playing with their velcro ball and paddles. Do you all remember those? Where you have to pull the ball off the velcro paddle? The love them! Gabe has quite the arm. He's going to be my money ticket in the future. :) Gabe got tubes in his on thursday and is doing great. We're really hoping his attitude changes with it. :)

Hans and I are getting ready for our week long trip to Ireland without the kids. This is a much needed break for Hans. He's been working so hard lately. He will be done with his MBA in September. His brigade is also moving up to Wiesbaden this summer. Well, until later...

Friday, March 05, 2010

birthday celebration/major windstorm

This picture speaks volumes of Gabe's personality....
"What? I'm not doing anything." He kept sneeking the little candy letters off the cake. I didn't think anyone would actually like those nasty things, but apparently he did.

He was totally fasinated with the candles. After a couple of trys, he even blew them out on his own.

"What? You want a piece of me?"

I made his favorite meal, enchiladas.

During the birthday celebration, we had a huge windstorm. I took some pictures of what it did just outside our appartment. We didn't even get hit the hardest. Our friends had lots of things break and blow away including trampolines, sheds, doors broken off, etc. It was pretty awesome. However, word of advice...don't wear flowing skirts to church on days of a windstorm. Very embarassing!

I bought a new bedset at the linen store here on base. I got the entire bed set, pillows included for $69. I was very proud of myself. It's really wrinkled, but that can be fixed. I was just too lazy to iron it at the time.