Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A little of this, a little of that.

Eva finished her first season of T-Ball over the weekend. She was the youngest player and the only girl. I was really proud of her. Most of the time she enjoyed it. She didn't like outfielding that much because there was one boy in particular that would run and get the ball no matter where it was hit. He got to it before anyone else ever had the chance to get the ball. So, Eva threw some pretty big fits when that happened. She hits the ball really well and has a great arm on her though. They had a party at the end of the season with trophies and pizza. We loved our coach too! He was so great with the kids and it was a volunteer position.

Coach Reeves presenting Eva with her trophie.

In other news...Gabe is a wierdo! A couple mornings ago Hans and I looked in the kids room and this is what we found. For some crazy reason, Gabe had somehow gotten under the fitted sheet that night and fallen asleep. This is how we found him, and still sleeping. Eva and Gabe LOVE to sleep together. Gabe does have his own bed, but he always ends up in Eva's bed before falling asleep. I think it's actually really cute. He brings his pillow over and he sleeps at the foot of the bed, while Eva's at the head. There are times when I wonder if they even love each other and then there are these moments when I know they do. They love bedtime. I hear them talking to one another every night. I love those moments.

Do you see the lump? Eva's legs are the pick blob and Gabe is under the fitted sheet.