Wednesday, November 04, 2009

We are alive.

Yes, we are alive, just in case some of you were wondering. We are still in the hotel. I know, you are all thinking what!!?? Well, if you're not, I sure am. I'm so sick of being in this dang hotel I could just throw up. When we first got here, they told us we'd only be in here for about two to three weeks. We are going on 30 days now. Yesterday we were told we could move into an apartment in Mainz-Kastel this friday. We scheduled the transportation people to come deliver all our household goods on Friday, since they showed up on Monday. Well, I got a call today informing me that the apartment isn't done yet and we won't get in until the 12th, which is next Thursday. I feel like crying! This whole housing situation has been extremely frustrating. People in the housing department don't know what they are talking about. You get totally different information from everyone you talk to in there. They aren't communicating with maintanance or with eachother. After this is all done, I will be filing a complaint!

I haven't been able to get to a computer very often since we don't get any wireless connection in our room. We have a huge tree in front of the window blocking any service. We do have cell phones those. We also bought an additional car since Hans has to travel an hour each way to work. We bought an old BMW that I drive around and Hans takes the corolla to and from work. Hans has stayed very busy. He has started another semester of his masters program. He does online courses. He gets home around 7 or 7:15pm and then does homework til bedtime. We will be glad when he's done. This is going to be very good for him to have his MBA. The kids and I spend our days playing with friends and finding anything and everything to do just to get us out of our hotel room. We've had lots of friends have us over for dinner so we don't have to eat frozen burritos or cup of noodles every night (we have a mini fridge and a microwave in our room).

It's absolutely gorgeous here right now. The leaves are all so many different colors. I love germany in the fall. It lasts forever. I'm just so happy to be back. The ward here has changed a ton, but it's still great. I however am not happy at all about my calling. Maybe I shouldn't say that, but I'm just trying to be honest. :) I was called to be in the nursery. I really don't think they should stick women down there when both their kids are still in nursery. There are 29 kids in there and 24 of them are active. The other woman down there happens to be one of my best friends though. She was stuck down there even though her husband is deployed and she has five kids of her own. So, she's never getting a break from kids.

Ok, this post has been extremely negative. I'm sorry. I really am happy to be back. I can't wait to get into an apartment and start a schedule of some sorts. We are planning a few trips for the near future and we're really looking forward to the amazing christmas markets. We're having fun hanging out with our cousin Renee and her family. She and my friend Lisa just ran the Frankfurt Marathon. I'm so proud of her. Renee ran a half marathon a few weeks before the full marathon and was 1st out of all the women. She's my inspiration. I'm so proud to call her my cousin. :)

Well, that's what's going on in our lives right now. Hope all is well with everyone else. Talk to you all soon. We can't call the states on our cell phones, that's why no one ever gets calls from us. We will be getting a home phone with international calling as soon as we get into a place. Until then, I'll be periodically checking email, blog, and facebook. Love you all.