Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our quick trip to the states

 Waiting for Dave and Tana to arrive in Baltimore.  This is the American Visionary Art museum and one of the coolest places ever.  This is the place Dave has his new, sleek photo booth set up.  They will be having it there for 11 months.  I was glad I was able to see it.  It's pretty awesome.  We were able to finally meet Tana after being married to Dave for what? 2 years right?  That's pathetic, but at least we could see her, even though she was pretty much in labor when we saw her.  She was such a good sport and I have to say...Dave is a lucky man.  She's pretty awesome.  We hope we can see them again soon.  We ended up not being able to see the new baby and I was pretty bumbed about that.  Hopefully it won't take two more years.

 Inner Harbor of Baltimore.  Very clean and lots of fun!

 On Friday we were able to visit Oma and Opa Ehrmann (Lokodi).  We had a little birthday celebration there.  Oma made this yummy cake as well as a TON of german cookies from scratch.  She's such an amazing cook.  Chelsey and Jake came along for the ride and it was nice to have them there.
 Hans and I left on Saturday morning (hence the pajamas.  Sorry chelsey, it's the only picture I got).  It was way too short a visit to her house.  We had a good time just hanging out and talking.  Sarah was such a great big cousin to Eva and Gabriel.  We left the kids with them for a few days while Hans and I drove my friend's car out to Missouri for them.  We only had a little bit of time before Hans had to go to work, otherwise we would have tried to drive up to Iowa and visit my brother Jason and his wife Michelle.  We just couldn't squeeze everything in that we wanted to.  We'll have to try it again maybe in 2012 and make sure to get to Janson's house.  Hans still hasn't met Michelle or their kids. 

 We drove as far as Dayton on Saturday and stayed the night at Adrianne's house.  We had never met their kids yet...I know, it's quite sad really.  I have to say, it was worth the wait though.  I have totally fallin head over heals for all those cute little boys.  They have such sweet personalities.  They each contribute something different and special.  I forgot to get a picture with Adrianne.  :(  We had a short, but fun visit with them as well.  We headed out eary Sunday morning to finish the drive to Missouri. 
Along the way, we couldn't help but laugh when we saw this on I-70.  Welcome back to America right?...  We arrived to Kansas City on Sunday night.  We spent Monday with Brandee and her family then flew back to Baltimore on Tuesday morning.  We had Hans' parents bring the kids from Chelsey's to Baltimore for us.  We had to catch a Space Available military flight back to Germany that night.  It was a fast and furious trip, but we're glad we did it.  I had a good time visiting with part of our family and only wish it could have been longer and that we could have seen everyone.  It made me miss them so much more.  It's nice to spend time with them as grown adults with kids of their own.  They're my friends, not just my sisters and brothers.  Thank you to everyone who helped us along the way.  Mike's mom Carol Richard came and picked us up at the airport at 1am when we arrived and let us stay at her home.  Then she drove us around to get my friend's car at the port the next day.  She was such a HUGE help to us and I really appriciate her kindess.  She truely is a sweet spirit and I would love to spend more time getting to know her.  Mike, you are a very lucky guy to have such a kind and loving mother.  My kids call her Grandma Carol.  :)  Thank you to everyone for taking time out of they days to visit us, or allow us to crash at your home with such short notice.  Thank you to Chelsey and her family for watching our two crazy kids, even when Gabe got sick and Chelsey had to take him to the urgent care for us.  That meant alot!  We love you all and hope we can do it again soon.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Too busy to think

 Well, it's been a while since I've posted.  I seem to be too busy these days.  Between the kids, soccer, piano lessons, the out and about group my friend and I started, the choir I'm in and Hans' work stuff, life is pretty crazy (not to mention girls night outs. :) ).   A few days before we headed off to the states, Christy and I headed up another ladies Out and About Discovery group.  We went to my favorite restaurant, which is a greek one downtown Wiesbaden.  We had a great turn out.  I think there were 14 of us.  I love being able to show ladies new places to discover in Germany.  I know I've said this before, but I really feel very blessed to have such an amazing group of ladies in my ward.  I have really loved getting to know each of them. 

 This is the waiter I get every time I'm there.  He always remember everyone that comes in.  He love the Americans and speaks great english.  This has been a family run business for a very long time.  He's one of the grandsons of this family.  Notice all the individual checks for each lady in the group? 
 A couple nights after my O&A group, Hans and I had a work function to go to.  This was the enormous cheese burger we got to share.  Suprisingly, it tasted pretty good too.  We were eating the leftovers for days.
 The next night, we went down to Kaiserslautern to celebrate Eva's birthday with the Terhunes.  They used to live up here, but about a month ago, Chris was reassigned an hour south of us.  We have been very sad not to have them so close.  We went swimming at a really cool german pool then went and had dinner and afterward, had cake and ice cream. 

 On the actual day of Eva's birthday (October 6th), we were heading to the states for a quick trip.  So, we had her open her birthday gifts on our bed in the morning before getting ready to go.  Gabe was really upset because he didn't have a present to open.  I guess Eva must have felt sorry for him because she eventually let him open one after crying for a bit.

Happy 4th Birthday Eva.  We love you and are very blessed to have you as part of our family.