Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I don't know what it is about the plunger, but Eva's crazy about it these days. Don't worry, it's never been used in the toilet before. She just carries it around the house all day. She really cracks me up sometimes. That's just water on her shirt by the way. She likes to drink out of big people cups and she must have a hole in her lip because the water goes everywhere.


Mike and Adrianne said...

Isaac likes the plunger too--but ours has been used! My sister-in-law bought one for her son for his birthday because he was so into plungers. Funny huh? She is cute!

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

She looks longer and older now that she is walking! So darn cute.

Lance&Nance said...

When I first glanced at mom's comment, I thought it said, "So damn cute." I am glad that's not what she put, although I would agree with it anyway.

Lindsey, if you call me between 11am and 12noon my time, that would work too.