Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Hospital: Part 4

This is my favorite part!!


2P and Super B said...

hi, this is Lance's sis-in-law, Becca. I live in FL. I just had a baby and boy do I love the looks of that place!! I had a water birth and the hospital was not near as nice as that. It looks like they know better what they are doing over there in Europe then they do here!! All that cool equipment too, the ropes, the ball, everything. I hope you have a wonderful labor and delivery.

Seth and Natalie said...

Lindsay, It's your favorite cousin Seth and his fabulous wife Natalie. How exciting that you've had another baby. Too bad it wasn't on the 29th, that would've been the coolest! The kid looks just like your dad. I'm (natalie) so proud of you popping out a huge kid like that with no drugs! You are tough! (seth) I'm so glad we found your blog!