Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ok, I just couldn't help myself. I saw this adorable hat and purse at H&M the other day. They were only 5 Euro combined, so I hoped on that deal imediately. Eva loves purses and hats. She's been roaming around the house these days with my big white floppy hat, so of course I saw this and knew I could finally keep her away from my hat if she had one of her own. She runs around everywhere with her new stuff now. I get lots of comments from people saying how much they love that hat. The outfit was one of the dresses that oma and opa sent her. We love it.

Can you see the total and complete happiness in her face? She's such a girl! Heaven help us all! She's already the world's biggest pre-madona.


Jess and Jen said...

Isn't is great that something like a hat and purse can make a little girl so happy (okay, I guess a cute new purse makes me pretty happy too)! She has a great smile!


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

What an absolute beauty! I know that she was always carrying around a purse when she was out here and I thought it was so cute. She definitely has the look of complete happiness in these pictures. A new dress makes me happy, too -- if it fits.

Lance&Nance said...

that is like so adorable.

Anne and Joe said...

Linds, She is just the cutest little thing!! She is just the uber girl! What a smile!

chelsey said...

What a cutie! She really is fun! Sarah wouldn't keep hats on, so congrats to having a girl that will! Jake, now that's another story. He loves hats and bags too. Don't worry, only ball caps and any bag he can find.