Monday, August 11, 2008

Random picture updates

Eva has a new found love...her pink boots (thank you to the decarlos). She wanted to go outside and play dressed like this the other day. She has no diaper on either. Just a shirt and these boots. She walks all over the house in them, usually naked, just the boots.

Gabe loves his saucer.

This has got to be one of my favorite pictures of all time. This was from a retreat we went on last month. This little boy didn't want to walk back to the hotel room because he was tired, so I told him he could catch a ride with Eva. I thought Eva would throw a fit and not let him, but it turned out, she had no problem letting him sit on her lap. He hated it, but she wrapped her arms around him and wouldn't let him go. It was hilarious. It had myself and this little boy's mother histerically laughing.

She loves when her friends have birthday parties because that means "CAKE!" She was begging for it the second we showed up.


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

What fun pictures! I got a kick out of the cake picture -- is that a look of ecstacy or what?!
I think Eva is looking more and more like you and less like Hans. If her hair was blonde, then I'd think it was you for sure.
You have very handsome children. Gabe has his own look now - you can tell he's Eva's brother, but he is beginning to look more and more distinct.
I sure wish I could see them. :(
Grandma Clark

chelsey said...

Great pics Lindsey. Thanks for posting them. You're going to have to watch out for Eva in a few years. Looks like once she's got her man, there's no letting go!

Jillywilly said...

Oh man they are cute! Eva the tornado. Love her. I cant wait to see the kids again!

Team Clark said...

Wow - Gabe is getting so big! What a handsome little fellow he is!