Thursday, August 06, 2009

Utah Trip Pics

All my brothers and sisters finally together for the first time in six years. It makes for a very loud and crazy house.

These pictures are totally not in order, but here they are. Gabe and Eva both loved the pigeons. Grandpa was so sweet to take them to Utah Lake with him to let the birds go. Thanks dad!

At the reception, Gabe was totally in love with this baby. He followed her around all night and kissed her.

At the reception.

At the temple waiting for the bride.

Aren't they a pretty couple?

Uncle Dave and Gabe strikin' a pose.

Uncle Dave teasing Gabe and him lovin' every minute of it.

Talk about your stinky eye face...

At the rehearsal dinner. I think I have some of the cutiest nieces and nephews.

I love Ella's eyes. They are so unique.

Ammon was getting ready to wipe off my kiss. How rude! I have good germs Ammon. :)

The bride and groom to be.

Jason, Jake, Chelsey, Brent, and Adam just chillin at the party.


The Duke said...

Great pictures - my favorite one is of the three little kids waiting for the bride to come out. That one is really precious!
Glad you are home safely. Hope you have recovered.
Love you,

Jess and Jen said...

I agree with your mom...the three kids waiting is my favorite.

Eva seriously looks like an innocent little angel all the time! -Jen

Shanna said...

Love your bangs!! And your pink shoes. And your darling kids. What a fun trip! :)

renee said...

Lindsey, I love the hair cut... very cute!

Alisha said...

Like your pics...Gillian looks beautiful and very your hair, you look great:)

Mike and Adrianne said...

Love the pictures. I need to put pictures on that site Jess told us about so we can swap.

ryanalisha said...

What great Hair. Thanks for telling me you changed it. How long does a phone conversation have to be for you to mention you have a new hair cut?! Your kids are so sweet and inocent looking in your pics.

Lokodi said...

Well Alisha,
You know how pictures and outside appearances can be very deceiving. You know my kids are so far from innocant. I always say you wouldn't judge a book by it's cover would you? Well, you shouldn't judge my kids by what they look like. They may look adorable, but looks can be very deceiving. :))

Papa Doc said...

I am slow looking at this post, but find the pictures to be wonderful. You should send me some copies of them.

I was sure happy to meet Gabe. He is great. So was Eva. They are kids and meant to have fun and learn things by doing. Often that means trouble, but that is the nature of things. What fun they are if you let them have it. Have it with them.

I'll bet Hans if sure proud of the two little kids and his big girl kid, too.

Dad Clark

Lil Miss Rae Rae said...

I have to say besides your hair of course my favorite picture is of all of you kids in front of the temple. That is something that will probably never happen on either side of my (or Gabe's) families and it totally gives you the perspective of what Eternal Families mean! Ps. the picture with Ammon- i LOVE IT! .. and yes your bangs - you look SUPER HOT! :P