Friday, December 11, 2009


Hi everyone. We finally got the pictures from Scotland uploaded to our computer. If you'd like to check them out, go to: Let me know if this works. I hope you enjoy them.



Jess and Jen said...

Those pictures are awesome. That looks like such a fun trip and your kids are adorable! I loved the picture of the menu that tells you where your meat came from...yummy! -Jen

LanceandNance said...

Amazing! That picture with Eva in standing next to the flowers and the boat with the concrete background needs to be framed!

The Duke said...

What magnificent scenery! It didn't look like I imagined Scotland looking like (coming from books) but it was beautiful just the same.
My favorite photo is that close-up of Eva in pink holding that cute cupcake.
The kids sure are growing up quickly!
I'm glad you posted these.

LanceandNance said...

Awesome pics. That Eva is way cute, like baby Gap cute maybe cuter.


chelsey said...

Looks like you had a great trip! What wonderful pictures you have of those kids! I'm glad you got to have some fun all together.

Tana said...

We looked through all of your trip pictures. Looked like you all had a ton of fun. We are so jealous!