Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Naughty and Nice

It's amazing how quickly little girls can go from nice to naughty. This is Sierra, Eva's best friend. They have a love/hate relationship. They are two of the most strong willed little girls ever.


Dave and Tana said...

hahaha. reminds me of nursery.. what a fun calling that was.

The Duke said...

Sounds like Eva has inherited your voice!! :) I like! The comparison between the video clips was hilarious - definitely shows the hate/love relationship with these girls.
Have Eva sing more and record it more. You cut her hair, too. It's cute.

Cedar Fort said...

hahaha.. I laughed so hard when I saw this.. so funny! Gosh I wish you guys lived out here. I miss her. I can't believe you cut her hair! It's still cute, but I loved her cute long hair. Seriously, I agree with mom, have her sing more! Can't wait to hear and see more of her.


Anne and Joe said...

LOL!! Eva is really getting up there! Both she and Sierra are just adorable....but naughty.

Ah, the ying and yang of it!!! The black and the white....the good vs. evil, the love/hate, the number of seconds it took for it to happen.

Growin' up!

Laura said...

Haha Strong will? I just dont see it?