Saturday, May 08, 2010

Happy Mother's Day Lindsey Surprise!

In honor of mother's day, here are some slightly crass Irish-inspired words.

There once was a mother named Lindsey
Whose quest it was to be fit-ly
Her husband thought she’s a hot mother
And frequently wanted to love her
That’s why all their beds became flimsy

There once was a lover from Philly
Who eloped for the name of Lokodi
She bore him six kids
A dear mother she is
But the kids she often smacks silly

There once was a daughter of a farmer
Blond hair and big chest a real charmer
She caught a man’s heart
Who would frequently fart
So after her mother she called him bumclapper

There once was woman of charm
Who handsome men liked to have on their arm
So when she eloped
With a dumb german bloke
Her parents suffered quite an alarm

There once was dark haired gypsy
Who had a penchant for getting tipsy
but he soon sobered up
and turned round his luck
with a wife so righteously sexy



Dave and Tana said...

haha that is awesome! loved it! happy mothers day to all you beautiful woman!

The Duke said...

I'm sure glad to have a reason to chuckle tonight!
I think I can pick me out.......

Anne and Joe said...

Starting a new career? Or just adding another?? Quite the entertainer.....

Good stuff! Still not sure what a bumclapper is. Somehow, chalkboards and erasers come to mind.

Happy Mother's Day Lindsey!

Lokodi said...

Isn't my hubby so funny? He's so creative too. Just so you all know, I don't spank my kids all the time. It's just in reference to something I said once. I told gabe that if he didn't stop throwing a fit, I was going to spank him silly. Well, he didn't stop so I spanked him. After I was done, Eva just looked at me and said, "well mom, did you spank him silly?" with all the attitude she could muster up. Man I love that girl.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Funny, funny. I hope your Mother's Day was great Lindsey.