Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some random things

 Cecily had her two month check up yesterday.  She's doing great!  The doc says she's nice and big.  She's in the 97% for weight and 100% for height.  Of course, I'm sure it helps starting out large. :)  She's a good/happy baby for the most part.  She still doesn't sleep very well at night though.  It's been quite hard trying to keep her awake during the day because I'm always on the go and every time I get in the car, she falls asleep.  She'll also stay asleep as I transfer her to the stroller.  She can sleep through any noise.  It's good and bad at the same time.  Trying to keep her awake during the day has proven to be harder than I expected.

 On another note, it was Hans' 31st birthday on the 3rd of Dec.  We had a nice evening.  We got a babysitter and Hans and I went out to a great Greek restaurant.  We had cake in the afternoon so we could celebrate with the kids.  This German cake is fantastic!  It's a chocolate/raspberry cake with cream filling.
The kids all got shots yesterday.  I had a very proud moment.  Cecily had to get three shots and the other two kids got their flu shots (better late than never right?).  Gabe and Eva didn't make one peep.  They didn't complain or fuss at all!  The nurse was floored at how tough they were.  The baby only let out one little yelp and then she stopped too.  At the end of it, the nurse asked what was wrong with my kids.  She wanted to know why they didn't cry and Gabe just looked up at her and said "my daddy teaches us to be brave".  I thought that was so adorable!  Very proud mommy moment.

I just posted a video and pictures of Eva's dance class on Facebook.  Today was the first day parents were allowed to attend the class.  She's been taking ballet since September and she really loves it.  If you want to see those pictures and video, go check out my facebook profile.  I don't want to repost them here because it took too long.


Seth and Natalie said...

Wow, that baby girl is so beautiful. She looks a lot like Eva, who is also quite a looker. (takes after you :) Good job having such brave kids. Mine, not so much.

Dave and Tana said...

Tough kids! Ansleigh starts crying if the doctor comes in the room. She gets hysterical if they start poking her. I haven't gotten to the whole bravery part yet I guess. Miss you!


Haven Salon said...

Oh my! Cec looks so dang cute! I love her headband and outfit in that first picture. So pretty. I loved the dance pictures too. I just cant believe how much they are all growing up. And good for them getting shots without complaining! wahoo!


The Duke said...

Cecily is a blue-eyed version of Eva at that age. It's unbelievable how much she looks like Eva. Just as beautiful, that's for sure.
I can't believe they didn't cry when they got shots, either. Kaitlin still cries. Ask her, I'm not making that up.
I loved the video and pictures of Eva dancing. She is very graceful. Keep her going! We love dance and music in this family.

Papa Doc said...

What I loved is that cake. Would a frozen piece come clear from Germany? Just kidding.

Wow, what a cute girl that baby, or young lady is. She is not very baby like, but sure is cute.

I knew that Hans would teach my grandkids to be brave. I take no credit, but they are my grandkids, you know.

Dad Clark

chelsey said...

Looks like everyone is doing great! Glad you and Hans had a great outing on his bday.
Geoff has actually passed out (no joke!) when he thought he had to have a shot. I'm all about the flu MIST thing! My kids need a few bravery lessons from yours evidently. :)

Mrs. Lindgren said...
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Mrs. Lindgren said...

Hey Lindsey, just wanted to say hi and tell you how beautiful your kids are. Sounds like things are going great for you. Sorry that I don't keep in touch. I stopped doing Facebook about 8 months ago. Anyway, hope your family is doing well. Amberly