Friday, January 27, 2012

Why is there a trailer on our blog page?

If I were poor I wouldn't mind
A trailer house, minimalist in kind

For just us two
the one on this page
would certainly do

rolling across the american road
every day would bring a new abode

and it would be much fun to watch
the different colors of the season's touch

or see the clouds in the sky
like memories of times gone by


The Duke said...

As much as I hate trailers, I keep thinking it would be nice to get a house trailer and go traveling across the country taking turns visiting each kid for one month. We'd hook up to their water, their electricity and their driveway space. How's that idea?
Nah, I hate trailers. But I like traveling.

Lokodi said...

I recommend the movie "RV" with Robin Williams, my sides hurt after watching it from laughing so hard. It was about a workaholic who canceled his Hawaii family vacation and took his family on an RV trip instead so he could secretly work.

Yulia said...

Only in America would it be fun to travel in a trailer as a whole family! We want to get an RV eventually too...