Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September Happenings

 No, I didn't just accidentally get a picture with Gabe blinking.  He is sleeping!  We have been so busy ever since school started that poor Gabe is just worn out (mommy too).  He had fallen asleep in the car and it took quite a long time to get him to get out.  He's way too heavy for me to pick him up so I kept trying to wake him up so he could come lay down inside.  I then left the car to lay the baby down.  After noticing that Gabe was still not in the house, I went out to check on his progress of getting out of the car.  This is what I found at the bottom of our stairs. :)
 The other weekend, we took advantage of the nice weather and had a BBQ at my friend's place.  This family is amazing!  We do everything with them.  They have two little girls, their oldest is in Eva's kindergarten class.  There youngest is Hailey.  She's 16 months old.  Cecily and Hailey are six months apart. It's kind of funny because Hailey is so tiny and Ceci is so huge.  There's such a contrast between the two.  These two girls are inseparable though.  I've never seen babies interact with each other as much as these two do.

 The three amigos!  They get a little crazy when they're all together, but they sure do love each other.  Jenny (the mom) and I are always saying that Michaela and Gabe are going to get married one day.  However, she always says Gabe has to convert to Catholicism, but it's really got to be the other way around. :)  Michaela will make a great Mormon. :)  

 Cecily loves Michaela!
 The small family on one side, the large on the other. :)
 Cecily and I have become buddies while Gabe is in German Kindergarten in the mornings and Eva is in full day kindergarten.  Honestly though, I think Cecily gets really bored with me.  She's kind of a nightmare at home.  If we go somewhere or are outside, she's a doll, but the second I make her come inside, this is what I get...
 The many sides of Cecily...
She's getting four teeth all at the same time right now so she has a perpetual runny nose.  Not to mention she's quite a bear too.  Can't wait for this phase to be over with.  I am enjoying her funny little personality though.


Jess and Jen said...

I just can't believe how grown up Cecily is! I still feel like we were just barely at your house and she was tiny (well, tinier...). She sure is a cute girl! I love the picture of Gabe asleep! -Jen

The Duke said...

I can't believe how big Cecily is! Of all your kids, she looks the most like you. She has killer eyes, too.
I absolutely laughed my head off at the photo of Gabe asleep. So funny!
Thanks for sharing.

Seth and Natalie said...

Your background looks so great. You are so hip and european, which will always be cooler than idaho. Cute pictures, your kids are beautiful. Gabe sleeping at the bottom of the stairs is priceless.

Lokodi said...

Natalie, do you mean the background of my blog? If so, I wish I could claim that was me, but it wasn't. That would be compliments of Gillian. I'm not good with that kind of stuff, so Gillian helps me with my layout. :)

Thanks though. Give Idaho some credit too. You live in one of the most beautiful places in the world with all those mountains.


Michelle said...

Love the pictures. Gabe is adorable sleeping sitting up. Cecily is so cute in that hat.

Jason said...

Natalie, nothing is cooler than Idaho!

I wish I could sleep sitting up, I might actually get caught up a bit on the whole sleep thing.