Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Brussels Belgium

These were all taken in center city Brussels. We used public transportion and our feet to get around for the two days we spent there. Eva got a bumpy ride on the cobblestones. There were several cool museums including a car musuem and a musical instrument museum where they gave you head phones that allowed you to listen to each of the instrument types as you walked from one display to the next. That was my (Hans) favorite, great use of technology. The statue behind Hans of the little boy is called the Manneqin de Pis for obvious reasons. It has a musem that contains all the costumes donated by other countries, and there were many. USA donated an Elvis costume and a Mickey Mouse costume among others. There were many extravagant ones: Samurai costume, Matador, etc. It was very cool, but there are so many businesses that try to profit off of this cool statue that after awhile it seems like a joke that has been told so often it loses its humor.


Mike and Adrianne said...

That's funny. I was thinking that it is so cool that you guys get this opportunity to live in Germany around so many cool sights. Mike would love to have the opportunity sometime.

Jess and Jen said...

Nice pics, guys. Eva is a trooper (or maybe she liked it?) for enduring the bumpy road. Glad you guys get to experience these areas. Now make it up to Antwerpen to see Dave...


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I love European architecture!! I don't think the US could even come close to the beauty of these old buildings! We just rip everything down and re-build more non-descript ugly but utilitarian buildings. How boring!
I'm envious of all the places you have been able to see.

Joe said...


Neither Hans or Eva seemed too impressed with the Mannequin De Pee. I am also impressed with the grafitti on the square. Where is the "Rocky" statue?

M & J