Friday, May 29, 2009

Our fun day in Charleston...where the sun kills your skin!

Pay attention to what Hans is doing...reading a text book for school. Crazy, dedicated man. He was supposed to be watching the kids...

Gabe was having such a great time. He kept putting his entire face in the water.

My two hotties.

Eva is our sand girl. She loves the beach!

After a long day at the beach. Ever since that day (which was on tuesday) my skin has been killing me. I got the worst sunburn. It is now becoming very itchy. Hopefully in the very near future, I will finally grow up and learn my lesson. Lesson number 1: APPLY SUNCREEN TO SKIN


Alisha said...

Oh the beach! I haven't been to the beach for such a long time. Your kids are so cute! I love that picture of Eva in the sand.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Yay! You got one of those cover-ups from Target. It looks great on you. What a fun day!

Anne and Joe said...

Linds, aloe vera gel works well when applied frequently right after the burn. Oma and I went riding Memorial Day Saturday to Seaside Heights, NJ and I forgot my sunscreen. I was red as a beet on my upper arms. The aloe gel worked wonders. You can get it at most Rite Aid's and CVS's.

The pics are great!!

Oma and Opa

renee said...

Utilize the beach as often as possible before you guys make you way back to Germany. Because you know you wont be going to the beach once you move back!