Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fun at the beach with the Pughs

Jake's pants refused to stay up but it sure made for a cute picture.

Wow! Who's that hot model on that rock? Oh wait, isn't that Chelsey Pugh? Man, she sure looks hot.

Look at the pink skin! Can you say ouch? I love this shot of all the boys though. We had a great time having the Pughs at our home. Thank you for coming and sharing your time with us. We hope you had a great time too. I loved getting to know little Jakie. Eva has been asking for him all day today.


The Duke said...

What fun pictures. Oh, the red hurts just to look at! And I can't believe you got that shot of Chelsey. That needs to be blown up and put on a family calendar!
I'm glad you guys got to spend some time together.

chelsey said...

you're dead linds! so dead. Remember the shots I have of you....and what they say about paybacks! ;}

Mark and Renee Davis and Family said...

Chelsey is a hottie with a body!