Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Cold season

I'm really not looking forward to this cold season. Gabe woke up this morning with a really nasty cold. We were at the breakfast table and he sneezed. There were boogers dripping down his entire face and before I could reach him to wipe it off, he spread it all over his face and hair. Then right before we left to drop Hans off to work, I came downstairs and noticed Gabe had a huge glob of booger above his eye and some dripping down his chin. I wanted to puke! Then once again, while I was driving back home, he sneezed again and wiped it all over his face and hair. This was all within one hour. It's going to be a long and very discusting day.

My friend Leah told me they already have 10 reports of H1N1 in her kids elementary school and they've only been going for two weeks. Wow! What a way to start the school year. I'm grateful my kids aren't in school yet.


Jess and Jen said...

I know so well that moment of disgust when you see it all smeared all over their face! Sorry Gabe is quick...hopefully it'll be a quick one! -Jen

Michelle said...

You know you are a Mom when you are in a store without tissues and one of your children sneeze. Then you reach over with your shirt and wipe it.

Nasty, but been there.

Hope he recovers quick and you don't get it.

The Duke said...

Just keep singing Ammon's song -
"I love to kiss my honey when her nose it wet and runny. Some folks think it's funny but its snot."
Sorry! It dries like clear glue, doesn't it. Ick. We've all been there.
Hope the little dude gets better quickly.

Mike and Adrianne said...

I hopoe he gets better soon! Sick babies are no fun.

Alisha said...

I hope he feels better soon...I am also not looking forward to cold season. My 1st graders always seem to get sick and we go through tissues like crazy...that is when they actually use them instead of their fingers!

Ryan and Alisha Johnson Family said...

Great, That is the last time I read your blog before breakfast!!

Papa Doc said...

Yuccy. You guys ought to try Ammon. He does not blow his nose. He just has never learned how. I do not know why. So he breaths out of his nose most of the time.

I do not know about whipping a nose on my sleave. Maybe mine, but someone elses, no! Grab, buy, and use some tissue.

Dad Clark