Saturday, July 03, 2010

Floh Markt in Deutschland!

Here are some of my flea market finds. I've discovered a love of flea markets. You can talk your way down to a cheaper price and I love that! You also find one of a kind things and treasures you just won't find in the states. They have flea markets every saturday and different locations throughout the community. I paid 2 euro for the big one and 1 euro for the other two.
All the vases found in this hutch were found at different flea markets. They were all made in West Germany. I love the uniqueness to them. After adding all these up, I ended up only paying 3 euro for seven vases. Great deal huh?
This is a really cute umbrella holder. Now I just have to find some cute antique umbrellas to go in it. :) I got this for 6 euro.
I love this picture. This is not a copy/print. It's an original. The frame is great. I actually took the painting and hung it without the frame, just straight canvas on the wall. I'm going to use the wood frame for a different picture I have laying around. I paid 10 Euro for this painting, and I thought it was a great deal!
I decided to decorate the guest bedroom in a nautical theme because I loved this boat and I got it for only 5 euro. It's a lot bigger than the picture shows.
This is a ceramic clock that matches perfect in my kitchen. This was 50 cent euro.
Eva got lucky! This is now her bike. I just went and bought training wheels for it. I hope they work. I love the retro look to it. The bell works and everything! I paid 10 euro for it.


Nancy said...

um, Eva is like ridiculously gorgeous. I love all your flea market finds.

Dave and Tana said...

Dude! those are some good finds. That stuff at some antique shop in america would equate to $500-1000. Seriously. I miss Europe!!!

Mike and Adrianne said...

I love those! What cool things you will have when you get back to the states!

The Duke said...

I love your purchases! Did you ever get a chance to look around at the things the Turners have in their house when you were staying there during Gillian's wedding? They have some very wonderful, unique things they got from all over the world while they were in the military.
I hope one day to be able to see all your little treasures. I especially like that hutch.

Emily Snow said...

You found some seriously cool & seriously cheap things! Love it!

The Duke said...

What happened to all my posts? Blogger is doing something really stupid today. On Jess' birthday it shows as 0 comments but there are many. I made comments last night on several posts and yours was one. Today it's not there. What's up with this stupid thing?
Anyway - now that my rant and rave is over with, let me tell you that I love your treasures. I especially like that beautiful little hutch.
Did you notice all the neat things the Turners had in their house when you stayed there during Gillian's wedding? They were in the military and she collected some really unique, beautiful things. Can't wait to see your stuff someday.