Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ho! Ho! Ho!

 At our annual Ward Christmas party, Santa Claus came to visit.  My kids are past the stage where Santa scares them.  They are right at that fun age where Santa is amazing!  They love the whole idea of Santa and the elves at the North Pole.  
This is Eva telling Santa her LONG list of things she'd like for Christmas.  Gabe is easy...he just wants Batman.

Well, I've tried to really embrace the Christmas season this year and I have to say, I have fallen short.  I still don't like this holiday.  Of course I love the idea of Christmas (Christ's birth and celebration of his life) but I really struggle with the stress that accompanies the holiday.  People tell me they don't do tons of gifts or they really try and scale back to really "focus" on the "true" meaning of Christmas.  That's a bunch of crap!  What they mean is, they will say that and do the opposite.  There's too much pressure involved in getting people the perfect gift.  Not to mention trying to get a gift for someone that says all they want is cash. ;)  It makes you feel selfish for wanting a gift when they say not to get them one.  I guess I look at it this way:  I don't usually go out and buy myself things that I really want throughout the year, so I look at Christmas as being the time to get things that you want, not need.  I'm not talking about going overboard, but it should be okay to get a few things you want.  Does this make any sense or does it just sound like I'm selfish?

Not only is there pressure in gift giving, but this time of year is insanely busy.  I can't really focus on the meaning of Christmas when I'm too busy to hear myself think.  This should be a time of giving and service, and I'm too busy I can't really give the service that I would like to.  When does the stress end?  I haven't even had time to start shopping for the kids and hubby.  At least we mailed off all the gifts to the states in November.  If I would have waited until December, it still wouldn't be done.  Okay, that's enough ranting and raving on my part.  I just want December to be over!!!



Lokodi said...

This post just took me four hours to finish. I just got done having my first piano recital in my home. It was great, but that's just one more thing I can check off from my huge laundry list of things to get done.


Michelle said...

Sorry you are feeling stress and not love. I would help you with your large list if I was there

Kira Rae said...

I usually love Christmas but this is how I feel this year too! I have a million things on the to do and to make list but none of them are getting any closer to being done. I am in a rather grumpy mood about the whole thing. I just want to play with the kids and drink hot chocolate. Bummer. Maybe I'll tear up the to do list, maybe thats my Christmas gift to myself!

Jess and Jen said...

Sorry you're feeling stressed out Lindsey! This has been a low key Christmas for us because I sit around and hold a baby for most of the day! No Christmas parties, etc for me. Although we are all going to Abby's first piano recital today! Good luck with your to do list! -Jen