Saturday, October 20, 2012

Murder Mystery

 My friend Christy and I decided to throw a murder mystery night.  We held it at my home.  There were enough couples to have three different games going on at once.  It was so much fun!  Christy decorated my place.  She's got such a great eye for things.  One of the games was a western theme so we decided to go with that for the party decor.
 I loved her idea of using mason jars to drink the lemonade out of.
 The first group, The Johnsons, Kruegers, Gentrys and the Holdaways (who had to leave as soon as the game was over because of the babysitter so we didn't get them in the picture).
 The second group was the Hancocks, Parkers, Jones, and Boyers.
 Our group was the Pethels, Bouknights, Foulks, and us of course.
 All the ladies (except Courtney Holdaway)
All the men

This will be my last big party at my house before we have to move.  I have lots of mixed emotions about moving, and after such a fun night, it's really going to be hard to leave.  We have such amazing friends here.  We have truly been blessed to know some incredible people.  There are many others whom I love and adore that I would have loved to have come to the party.  These are just a handful of some of the most amazing people in this Wiesbaden community.

Thank you to all the couples that could make it.  We hope you had a wonderful time.  You all did such an amazing job on your costumes too. :)


lrbodine said...

Looks like a blast! Where are you moving?

The Duke said...

I loved the decorated tables - it looks like you have a great time.

chelsey said...

Looks so fun! Do one here at christmas, k?!

Seth and Natalie said...

Those chinks! I am so happy to see them again! Looks like a fun party, are you coming to the states for Christmas? We should try to meet up sometime.

Seth and Natalie said...

Oh, chinks are just a type of chaps, not a derogatory term. I wish I had thought of how that sounded before i published the last comment.

Lokodi said...

That's funny Natalie. I know what Chinks are. In fact, when Seth gave them to me (at your old apartment in Nevada when you were pregnant with your first) you taught me that a true cowboy/cowgirl knows that Chinks are. :)) It brings back good memories every time I pull them out. They were a big hit at the party too. :)
In fact, some of the men asked if their wives could borrow them for later. ;)