Thursday, November 13, 2008

Does it ever stop?

Here's my last week in a nutshell:

1. Wednesday the 5th, I took Gabe into the doctor to see if he had an ear infection. Sure enough, he did and was put on Amoxacilin. Not to mention he had a cold and fever to go with it. He had had a cold and cough for about two weeks up until that point.

2. Thursday, Eva's eye starts to get goopy and her cold starts to intensify. She starts to get yellowish-green stuff coming out of the eye, but it's not pink so I'm assuming it's just a cold that settled in her eye and is only viral so she won't need meds.

3. Friday, Gabe starts to get more fussy, even though he's been on the meds since wed. afternoon and his fever spikes to 103.5. Eva's cold gets worse and now the goop is in both eyes, but still not pink.

4. Saturday, Eva starts to complain about her right ear hurting and she gets fussier. Her nose is gross as well as eyes. But, eyes are starting to look a little better. Gabe's fever finally brakes, but he's still really fussy.

5. Saturday evening: Eva goes to bed at 8:00 and wakes up at 10:30 and litterally stays up all night until 5am and sleeps until 7:30. Gabe wakes up at 5:30 for good and is fussy...still, even though he's been on meds now since wed. Eva cried most the night while she was awake.

6. Sunday, I'm running on no sleep at all and Eva starts to complain even more about her right ear. So, we stay home from chruch and wait until my friend is back to call her. I decided to ask my friend Natalie to watch Gabe while I take Eva to the hospital to check on that ear. I would have waited until monday to go see the doctor at the health clinic on base, but I couldn't because it was a training holiday on monday and veterans day was tuesday so the clinic would be closed until wed. I wasn't waiting that long. So, Natalie takes Gabe and I take Eva in to see the german doctor, which by the way is always an experience. We wait two hours to finally see the doctor. She gets very annoyed that Eva is crying so she barely even looks at her. No one bothered to check Eva's vital signs or temperature. The doctor took two seconds to look in her ear and says, "yes, she does have an ear infection but we aren't going to perscribe anything because it doesn't look too bad. But we will give her some antibiotic eye drops for her eyes." Ok, her eyes had looked a lot better by Sunday and I knew she didn't have pink eye. She didn't need the drops. She needed an antibiotic for her dang ear infection! The lady was extremely rude and short with me. I could go on and on about this dang visit, but I won't. Just know that it was much worse than what I'm even saying. Especially since she tried to give Eva a sepository instead of syrup for the pain, even though I told her Eva loves the stupid syrup and would be much better with that. But, doctor refused to believe me until she saw the struggle between myself, the nurse who was administering the sepository, and Eva.

7. Sunday evening: I take Eva with me to go pick up Gabriel from Natalie's. She tells me he was really fussy the whole time I'm gone, but no fever thank heavens. Then I go to put his PJ's on and discover he's got a rash. I figure it's just a heat rash.

8. Monday morning I have a feeling I need to just see if the clinic was open by chance and get a second opinion about Eva's ear. Not to mention the rash on Gabriel had spread and gotten worse. It turned out that the civilian doctor was working that day and had one slot open. I took both kids in even though I only had an appointment for Eva. The doctor freaked out when she looked in Eva's ear. She said if I would have waited one more day, Eva's ear drum would have ruptured. Her ear was buldging apparently. So, she put Eva on some heavy dose of Cefdinir, which is a much stronger antibiotic I guess. Then the doctor actually asked me if she could look at Gabe too because he didn't look good. She said he was dehydrated and if I didn't push more fluids on him, I would have to take him to the hospital that night and get an IV in him. Gabe hasn't been eating much since he got sick. She also said his rash was an allergic reaction to the amoxicilin and that his ear infection still hadn't cleared up. So she perscribed him some Azithromycin.

9. Tuesday, things are beginning to look up. Eva's eyes are looking all better. Neither of them have fevers anymore. Eva still has a cold, but she's not complaining about the ear. Gabe seems a little happier and he's now eating the rest of his bottles. Still not much baby food, but bottles at least.

10. Wednesday I'm beginning to even see the light at the end of the tunnel. Things are looking up. I can begin to get ideas of actually walking outside my house.

11. 5:00am this morning.........Gabe wakes up with this horrid rash. He seems to be happy though. Eva's still doing pretty good even though she woke up from 1-2:30 crying a lot last night and then was up for good at 5:30. Her cold is still gross, but she's pretty happy.

12. 10:30 pm: Gabe woke up about a half hour ago screaming. He's been up ever since and now he's wiggling really funny. I'm keeping him up to keep a closer look at him. He's kind of starting to freak me out a little.

13. See ya later light.


Jess and Jen said...

Holy cow, girl! I can't believe you've had to deal with that. It sure makes having Hans come back in a few weeks look even better. Hang in there. -Jess

Jess and Jen said...

Wow...what a week, Lindsey! We had pink eye at our house a week and a half ago...not so fun, but at least it didn't make them cranky! Hope your kids get better soon! Jen

Mike and Adrianne said...

Goodness. Hans can't get home fast enough. What a relief it will be to have his help. I'm sorry Lindsey. You have had a rough week.

lrbodine said...

Oh that sounds like a horrid week and what a nasty doctor! Do you remember when we were roommates and I got mono but FIRST broke out with an allergic reaction to amoxicillin and had HIVES everywhere? I hope Gabe's isn't too bad my rash from that lasted 6 weeks but at least it stopped itching after a week or so.

agmon said...

did you try the eardoc for theear infection?

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I'm so sorry for this mess. I knew the kids weren't feeling well when you called but I was hoping that it had passed. I think getting the tubes are a good idea, of course. You had them and Ammon had them. I know it was a worry for Adrianne to do it for Isaac, but it sure helped my two kids.
I sure wish Hans was able to be there to help out.
You probably just earned a spot in heaven!!
Love you.