Monday, November 17, 2008

Our Studious Son

Gabe is hard at work learning his ABC's (of course, what he's really doing over there is looking for something to put in his mouth). I think it's so cute that he does this. As soon as he sees Eva over there, he crawls over to her and copies what she does. It's awesome.


Anne and Joe said...

Hey Linds,

Hope things are leveling off for you and the kids. Glad to see that Gabe is so into his alphabet....

Oma and Opa

Team Clark said...

That is really cute. He's such a big boy now!

Ammon said...

He is so cute! He is smiling so I'm hoping he is feeling better. Has the rash gone away? Is Eva feeling better? I sure hope so - it has been a tough haul for you over the past few weeks.
Did Gabe pull himself up to the easel? I'm assuming he did and that he must be getting ready to take some steps pretty soon.
Hang in there - Hans is almost home! You made it, kiddo. You really did - two more weeks.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Wow, that kid is cute. Almost as cute as our Evado. Hans is going to get a kick out of those kids very soon.

Dad Clark

Tamara said...

Gabe is so cute...I think he looks like Hans and Eva looks so much like you! I have enjoyed so much reading through your blog...looked at 80% so far:) It sounds like you have had a really long and stressful month!! You really deserve that cruise when Hans gets back!! Enjoy it! x Tam