Friday, November 14, 2008

Nope, apparently it never stops.

Ok, I took the kids into the doctor for their follow-up appointments. Just to get their ears checked out to make sure things were cleared up. Apparently Gabriel isn't the one I need to be worried about. Although, his rash apparently was an allergic reaction to the new meds he was put on for his ear infection. His ear did clear up though. He's on the mend. At least that's what the doc is sayin'. He's still quite fussy and isn't sleeping much, so I don't know what his deal is.

Eva on the other hand is not better. The doctor is concerned about her ears. Her right ear didn't clear up after the heavy dose of medicine and now she has an ear infection in both ears. She's still extremely congested and has a pretty bad cough. She also wanted a urine sample from Eva because she has been complaining that it hurts down there. So, I'm still waiting to see if those test results come back ok. The doctor put her on a different kind of medicine and now she'll have to get tubes put in her ears. I wanted her to have tubes in her ears a long time ago, but our doc doesn't like doing that. Now that she's had eight ear infections, she's finally agreed to refer me to an ENT. It's about time!

Life really bites the big one sometimes. But this too shall pass...hopefully.


Jess and Jen said...

What a bummer. I'm glad she'll finally get tubes, since that's what you've been wanting! She should be a lot healthier after that (hopefully!). --Jen

Michelle said...

Hopefully all will be well when you get the tubes. At least it's only of the easiest surgeries you can get. Scott was in the operating room about 5 minutes getting his tubes in. I had just gotten back to the waiting room, had a drink and sat down when the doctor came up to me and said he was done already. Tubes have improved Scott's hearing and Speech so much. I hope it helps with the drainage and infections for Eva and helps her feel better

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Will you wait until Hans comes home to do tubes on Eva? She sure has had a struggle with ear infections.
I hope you are able to get some sleep very soon!

Lance&Nance said...

I'm sorry Linds. Hope Eva gets better soon.

Hey, have you ever heard of Skype?
I think you should use it. I just started and it is an awesome way to connect with people. It is free too.

Anyway, Hans is coming home soon! Hopefully things will cool down before he gets there.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Tubes are the best thing we have done for Isaac. He had earaches over and over. In 10 months he had 7 (2 of wich were double ear infections). That isn't even counting the infections he had gotten the previous year. Since having them put in he hasn't had a single ear infection. I am used to him getting a cold and then immediately getting an ear infection but he has had two or three colds since the tubes and no infection! It is awesome. Not only that but his talking has just exploded. He could talk before and his hearing was fine but after the tubes he started saying sentences and he would say, "That is too loud!" about everything. He is a (almost) a completely different person. He is happy most of the time now compared to his awful angry behavior before. I'm excited for you that she gets them.

Team Clark said...

Oh my goodness, Lindsey - you've sure been busy!
Hope everyone is doing better!