Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gabe, Gabe, Gabe

This kid is so dang cute sometimes.  He sure knows how to melt a girl's heart.  The other day, we were standing in line to get some food and a woman behind us kept commenting on how cute Gabe was.  When her heard her, he looked straight at her and gave her the "lady killer" look.  I think she just about died laughing.  That kid knows how to throw on some charm.  :)

On another note, Gabe is really into all things boy.  He loves making guns.  For his birthday, we bought him a bat cave that you have to assemble yourself.  Well, he never uses it for that.  He just takes the pieces and creates all different kinds of guns.  I don't know how he has figured this out, but it never ceases to amazing at the different guns he comes up with.  Maybe I should be worried, but I can't help but be in awe instead.  Enjoy the samplings.


Kaitlin said...

Gabe. What a hottie! He is going to be such a ladies man when he gets older.
I just have the most adorable nephews in the world. My nieces are just as beautiful and will steal the boys hearts with just one blink of an eye.
I can't believe that he came up with all of those guns! That is insane!

Michelle said...

Hilarious video, love it. Too cute. My boys still build guns with their legos, it's totally a boy thing and it will continue for years.

The Duke said...

Did you teach him to do that "lady killer look?" That is darling! He'd melt my heart, too.
I do think guns are a boy thing. Jason used to use anything he could find to serve as a gun, including a tube of toothpaste.
I'm surprised that Gabe, at his young age, is so adept that he can make up all the different kinds of guns. He and Henry should get together. They'd have fun.

Alyssa said...

wow Gabe. way too cute.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Ha, ha. If someone told Eli he was cute he'd give them the eye but it would not be the same as Gabe. He'd give them the stink eye and tell them to stop talking about him. He's such a crabby pants. Gabe is adorable.

Kaitlin said...

I just looked at this again and realized that Gabe looks just like Will in that first picture.