Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands (Holland)

 I'd like to say this was the best trip ever, but I'd be lying.  We had decided to try and do this in one day.  Normally, it's a four hour drive from Wiesbaden to the Keukenhof.  However, we weren't very bright.  We decided to go on the day they were having the flower parade, which is the largest parade in the world.  I know...stupid huh?  We thought it would be cool to see the parade.  Well, never again!  We left the house at 6am.  It took us six hours just to get there and seven and a half hours to get home.  So, our little day trip turned into a really long day.  However, we had a nice time being together as a family.
 I really wish I would have gotten a ton more pictures because this place was truly amazing.  I didn't take more pictures though because I felt unsafe.  It was so crowded that I worried so much about the kids.  The second I would take my eyes off the kids, I would panic trying to find them again.  I have never been anywhere so crowded in my life.  So, pictures took a back road to my kids safety. :)

 The dog in this picture is a friend's.  I like to think of her as half ours.  We get to keep her every time this family goes out of town.  This is the best behaved dog ever.  Normally, I'm not a small dog lover.  However, coco is just so sweet.  My kids love her!
We didn't get to see the parade because it was so crowded that we were standing too far back.  I think by a certain point, we all got hungry and tired anyway.  The drive home was nice (even though it was seven and a half hours) just to have quiet time with the hubby.  The kids fell asleep and we were able to have adult conversation.  There's something to be said about being stuck in traffic forever.  It was a very beautiful place and I'm glad we did it.  We have been to Holland five times now, but never made it to the gardens until now.  If we ever do it again, it will definitely not be on the same day as the parade and we won't do it as a day trip.  Lessons learned from the Lokodi family.  :)


Michelle said...

The pictures you do have are absolutely gorgeous. Looks a beautiful place to visit. I would be a wreck going there with small children and always worrying where they were in the crowds, good thing you had Hans with you.

The Duke said...

Those photos are so beautiful! I would love to see that place. You are a very good photographer, too.
I like the pictures with the kids. They are really growing up quickly. I would probably have had an anxiety attack with that many people and with such bad traffic.
I'm glad you were able to see the flowers, though.

Jess and Jen said...

I love the picture of the two kids! They are so big...and adorable! The flowers look amazing! -Jen

Papa Doc said...

I am so jealous! I did not get to see the tulips. I love them. It would be a deer's paradise. They love to eat them. then their are the daffodiles. Deer hate them and they will grow anywhere. Remember Daffodile hill in California?

And look at that boy. He is so big now, and looks great in that picture.

Dad Clark