Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween party pics

These two girls are my neighbor girls. Their mom Sarah is my really good friend. Eva loves these girls. Notice Eva on the floor.

This was at our ward halloween party. They had the kids line up for a costume compitition. The little gilr in the joker's costume won. She's way cute.

The little boy in the army outfit kept shooting all the other kids with his gun. He definately had the right cotume for it.

Eva was telling me to go away in this pic. She was too busy watching Dora to look at the camera. P.S. She's a frog. You can't really see the head of her costume real well. I have more pictures coming. I'm taking her trick-or-treating tonight. These pics were from last weekend. And I promise to get some of Gabe.


Michelle said...

I love the frog outfit, so cute.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

What a cute little frog. Did she roast in the outfit? It's always hard to know how to find an outfit that will be warm enough but not have to be covered by a coat. This year it is warm - first Halloween I remember that hasn't been frigid.