Friday, October 10, 2008

Answers to Gilly's "Tag"

1. Favorite TV shows to watch:
a. Grey's Anatomy
b. Top Chef
c. Project Runway
d. The Office
e. So you think you can dance
f. American Idol (especially the first few episodes)

2. Things that happened today:
a. woke up at 4:00 because my stupid cell phone was running out of battery so it was beeping.
b. woke up again at 4:20 because Gabe decided to be difficult and wake up for good, bright eyed and bushy tailed.
c. got the kids ready, packed a bag, and drove to the airfield to go work out. I dropped the kids off at the daycare and I went and took my favorite class-Zumba.
d. Came home, got a quick shower, fed the kids, packed a new bag, drove to my friend's house and we all went swimming for three hours.
e. came home, changed, ate dinner, got the kids ready for bed, played with them on the floor, read a little from my awesome book, and now typing this.
f. what a fun life I lead huh? Kids, kids, and more kids.

3. Favorite places to eat:
a. this little german resturaunt at the top of a mountain in Eppstein Germany. It has the best stake in the world!!!
b. Hubbland-an awesome greek restaraunt in Wurzburg Germany.
c. Cafe-Rio
d. Z-tejas
e. the Cheesecake Factory

4. Things I'm looking forward to:
a. Hans coming home!!! in one and a half months!!!!!
b. Hans coming home
c. Hans coming home
e. meeting my goal weight. I'm half way there!
f. Hans coming home

5. Things on my wish list:
a. Hans
b. Hans
c. Hans
d. Hans
e. new clothes
f. new body to go with those clothes
h. to go back to school and get a degree
i. a maid

There you go Gillian. That's fun. Did you catch the theme going on in this? I MISS HANS!!!


Jess and Jen said...

Way to go on the half way to your target weight stuff. That's pretty impressive.

FYI, Hans is in every prayer our family says. He's always the last thing we pray for before closing the prayer. Now that Ammon is doing well and Hans is coming home in a month and a half, what are we going to pray for?! -Jess

Lokodi said...

Thanks for the prayers. However, considering this family's history with things, I'm sure something else will come up that we'll feel the need to pray about. :) How about that the stock market will start going up again? :)


Michelle said...

Hi Lindsey,

It's great to hear that your favorite workout class is Zumba. I teach that and love it. It's still catching on at our gym and there's only about 10 each class that take it, but I still love to teach it. When you do your class is it about 90% Latin music or does your teacher add in other things?

Michelle said...

Also, Congrats on being half way to your goal, that is fabulous. Great job! Loosing weight is the hardest thing to do, I'm so proud of you.

Lokodi said...

thanks for the encouragement michelle. I didn't know you teach that class. I absolutely love it. All the music is latin I believe. It's so much fun. How'd you get trained to teach it? I'm assuming you can shake your booty pretty good if you are the instructor. :)

Michelle said...

Hi Lindsey,

To get trained, I had to go to a Zumba workshop and that was an all day dance training on how to learn and teach choreography, then I had to make up an entire 45 minute class and teach that for my fitness coordinator along with other instructors, then she picked who she thought did it best and gave them classes. Now I teach two classes a week, one is an hour long and one is 45-50 minutes long. I add in hip hop and modern music along with Latin for my classes, but I do keep my class 85-90% latin and stay with the Zumba music that I pay for. It's really hard to learn to teach, but if I can do it anyone can since I did not grow up dancing and sometimes feel very dumb when I'm up there teaching others to Latin dance. With time and a ton of effort I'm getting better and I love it now.