Thursday, February 26, 2009

the pump

For the past 3 days and for the first time in a long time I have run similar to the running I did in cross country practice in high school. And if you have any doubts of a runner's high, I definitely felt it. Not quite the same as a body building rush but watch Arnold talk about the pump: lol :)
Anyway when I got back into what felt like a steaming living room from the cold air outside and my lungs still heaving, I felt somehow connected to every living being and every living being that ever walked the surface of the earth. I felt the opposition in all things, I felt fragile and sturdy at the same time, eternal and mortal, capable of anything and vulnerable, I felt young and old, I felt alive in my children. Eva was sprinting back and forth on the couch, and she was so rosy cheeked I felt content to die and live vicariously in her inherited spirit. Then I layed on my back and watched my household, the earth, and everything in it go on, and all so beautiful.



The Duke said...

Hans! When you retire from the Army you need to become a writer - well become isn't exactly the word I would use - you already are a writer. This is a beautiful, magnificent entry. I'm so impressed!!
Mom C.

Papa Doc said...

Wow! If you do not post this on the family blog, Motley Crew, in the next day or so, I will do it for you and embarass you with all the accolades. Your experience was wonderful, and can only be approached by those of us who do not do such things by the feelings we get by reading what you wrote.

Dad Clark

Anne and Joe said...

Ditto Papa Doc and The Duke...

You certainly have a way with words.

M & D E

Lance&Nance said...

Umm, I am surprised no one left any comment about the video clip.

Freakin' hilarious. I'm not sure I enjoy working out THAT much. I mean, if I did, I would probably be as big as Arnold from working out ALL day. Yikes.

Anyhoo, smell ya later.

chelsey said...

I also think you're a great writer! Lindsey, what'd you do to this guy? He's a softie at heart isn't he? Thanks for the great message to help us remember to slow down and simply enjoy the little things.

Lokodi said...

Thanks for all the encouraging responses. I was listening to NPR one day and they made the whimsical observation that in California everyone has spiritual experiences as part of their daily routine; quipping: even the paperboy sent a piece into the paper about feeling cosmic vibrations by thinking about the way his bicycle crank turns when he pedals and being in harmony with...everything :)

Just glad to be dangling from the earth for a short while in good company.