Friday, February 13, 2009

An update of our week

I have been laughing all day over this one. We are watching our friends kids for the weekend. Their oldest girl, Camorah, came into my room and said "Miss Lindsey, Gabriel is in the toilet." I told her to just close the lid and he'll get out. Gabe has a bad habit of putting his hands in the toilet. Well, she said "no, he's in the toilet." I didn't quite understand her so I went and took a look myself. This is how we found him. He was perfectly content just sittin' in the toilet. The picture below is hilarious to me. It looks like he's a grown man doing some serious thinking while using the pot. Apparently, before Camorah came to me, she went to Hans and told him and he said the same thing to her..."just close the lid and he'll get out". Neither of us expected this. I have no idea on earth how he got himself in there. Notice how far the stool is from the actual toilet. He climbs on everything. The horrible part of all this is that there was urine in the toilet. Eva apparently forgot to flush. I had just gotten Gabe dressed for the day and everything. So, he got another bath and another clean outfit put on after this experience.

Hans and I just got back from Garmisch, Germany. It's in southern Germany very close to the Austria boarder. In fact, we go thru Austria to get there. It was a marriage retreat put on by the army. It was completely free for us. We left the kids with a friend of ours and took off on Monday morning. We got back yesterday evening. We decided to go skiing in the Alps while we were there. I have only been skiing one other day in my entire life and that was in the poconos, so I don't know if you can count that. Anyway, the day we went, it was snowing like crazy. The snow was very powdery. Hans gave me a few lessons on the beginner slope. They didn't have bunny hills. So, after a few very very hard falls, I got the hang of it. I even went on an intermediate slope quite a few times and didn't fall at all. I have potential! These two pictures were of the beginner slopes. What was frustrating to me was that when I got brave enough to go on the intermediate slope, some little three year old boy was passing me up like it was no big deal. These german kids are crazy. Hans went on the black diamond and he said there were a group of little kids about five or six doing jumps. Isn't that crazy? Hans is a great skier. We had a blast but I am now having a hard time moving any of my muscles. It's a great work-out.

This is of the Neuswanstein castle. We hicked up there one day. I have been there many times, but I'm still in awe everytime I see the place.


lrbodine said...

I love that picture in a toilet! Classic.

Jess and Jen said...

How can something be so gross and totally cute at the same time? I'm glad you guys got to go on a free trip! --Jen

chelsey said...

Looks like an amazing skiing trip! I wish I'd gotten better at it while we lived in UT.

Gabe is hilarious. Jake and Gabe would have all kinds of fun huh!

The Duke said...

I can't believe your kid sits IN the pot! Just glad he doesn't drink it or drown in it. How on earth did he get in it without falling face first?!
It's pretty darn funny, that's for sure.
Skiing trip looks great! I'm glad you got the opportunity to try your hand at it. Move back to Utah and go skiing every day.

Lance&Nance said...

Gabe is such a freaking cutie! What a stud. Glad you had a fun time.

Mike and Adrianne said...

That is so gross and funny and cute. He looks so much like you Lindsey, but then I think Eva does too. I'm glad she got tubes. Isaac was similar I think when he got his tubes.

Papa Doc said...

That photo of Gabe will live to haunt him. You can even use it to blackmail him in to good behavior later on in his teen years. So do not loose those toilet pictures.

Skiing is so fun. When I started it cost four dollars and fifty cents for a day pass at Alta, three-fifty at Sundance, only five and a quarter at Park City. Now it is seventy and eighty dollars almost anywhere. I cannot even imagine it.

Dad Clark

Lil Miss Rae Rae said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of Gabe in the Toilet!
Had a lot of fun with you all tonight!