Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why is the richest man in favor of the "Death tax?

It is always thought-provoking to listen to Buffett. Here he is giving recommendations on the Estate tax or "death" tax. You will see his views on this tax, they do fit in with his overall views on the tax structure which do lean in favor of low earners. It is refreshing to hear developed ideas, based on reality, practical observation, and interaction in the business world, that scratch below the initial contact level of persuasion we were used to hearing during the campaign. No wonder he does not want to be a politician, he has way too much common sense.



chelsey said...

I love the little changes (side bar stuff) to your blog. HILARIOUS! And Gabe is certainly a ladies man in those glasses! :)

The Duke said...

I haven't heard his views on the death tax. I have always felt like he was a man with a lot of common sense and that is why he is where he is.
Did you get to hear Pres. Obama last night? What did you think about his speech and did you hear the Republican response?

Lokodi said...

I went to youtube and watched half of both Obama and Jindal's speeches. Man it looks like this is the time of the immigrants. Maybe I should run for something:)
I think I got too caught up in everything during the campaign. For me Pragmatism is the new ideal. What I'm really craving are public servants who are hardened and practical to a fault, extremely pragmatic but simultanously educated and able to explain reality the way it is and make analogies to the public based on that. Not over lay pre-formulated world-views onto reality. I want politicians who are adaptive and change their minds when the facts change. I want them to be able to lay it down like a doctor or businessman: diagnose the problem, the symptoms, and explain how they will prevent future problems. And I want a good bedside manner - a diplomat. The new idealism is Pragmatism. What do you think?
PS have you read any Ayn Rand books? it seems this is where the underlying republican philosophy comes from.


Jess and Jen said...

Does this mean you didn't enjoy "storytime with Bobby Jindal" after the speech? ;) -Jess

Lokodi said...

Sounds like I enjoyed it as much as you did :)..isn't it funny to want to run for president in 2012 on a philosophy that government is bad?