Monday, February 02, 2009

wrestling and fine art

This is a fun activity, all I have to do is lay down on the rug and they attack.
We left Gabe unnoticed for a little and were surprised when he got into the kitchen cabinet and decided to arrange the dishes into what looks like the beginning of a polynomial graph.


Jess and Jen said...

I have the same effect on our girls: me on the floor = fair game for attack. A few bruised ribs later, the game ends.

Papa Doc said...

Just don't lay near a bed. Year ago in Nebraska, one of the kids jumpbed off of our bed and broke one of my ribs. It was not cool.

I love playing on the floor with the kids. They love it, too. Keep it up and more power to you!

Dad Clark

Papa Doc said...

Be careful with that boy, he just might grow up to be a statistition. It could be worse, but I am not sure how.

Dad Clark

Jason said...

Scott calls that the tickle game. He begs to plays all the time. It is one of my favorite things to do as a Dad. It is not so easy anymore though. Everybody except Michelle thinks I am fair game. Caleb usually doesn't participate anymore but the rest of them do.

The Duke said...

I'm surprised at Gabe's organization with bowls! That's impressive - my kids would line them up all through the house like a train - Jason loved to do that with any kind of tube of stuff and with the silverware.
But Gabe has arranged them in order. Cool!
I'm glad the kids have fun playing with you guys.

chelsey said...

Fun times! I'm just glad the theme seems to be kids wrestling with the dads! :)