Sunday, January 18, 2009

Part 2: Rome, Italy

Here we are at the spanish steps in Rome. It was really crowded that day because it was a catholic holiday. The cistine chapel was closed because of the holiday and the trains weren't running as frequently. We were really rushed because of the train schedule. We wish we could have spent more time there, but we did see some really amazing things.

This is the trevee fountain. This was amazing.
Here we are at the pantheon. We got there at 1:30 in the afternoon only to find out it closed at 1 because of the holiday, so we weren't able to go inside and see the whole in the dome. That was a bummer. There were lots of crazy things going on around this square though. Lots of fun.

The coloseum was the first thing we saw and the surrounding areas. This was pretty amazing.

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