Sunday, January 18, 2009

Part 6: Malta

We loved Malta! The weather was beautiful, the people were friendly, and the scenery was amazing. I would love to spend more time here. We hired a taxi to take us around for four hours and tour the countryside.


Mike and Adrianne said...

Uh, you're missing a kid! where is Eva in the picture? You look great and the pictures look awesome. What a fun trip for your family. I haven't looked at the rest so I need to go finish looking.

Lokodi said...

We left Eva on the boat at the childcare when we were in turkey and Malta. We were sick and tired of her screaming and asking to go play at the kids club. So, we left her there on those two different ports. She was much happier there rather than being dragged all over the place and it was easier for us without her too.
Gabe was too young to go into the childcare.


Shanna said...

OH MY GOSH I don't know why I haven't seen these posts yet. What an amazing trip!!! I love seeing the pictures.

And, I LOVE MALTA!!! I spent a week there a couple years ago with some friends and it was incredible. That picture of you by the boats - that is in Marsaxlokk (Marsh-a-schlock!) right? We ate at this incredible little restaurant right there ... they brought the fish they'd caught a couple hours beforehand to our table and asked us what we wanted, and then 10 minutes later, brought out the cooked fish! Crazy. I just love Malta...the people are so nice, and it is absolutely beautiful. I'm jealous you were there! Oh so fun.