Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Handsom dude!

They call these glasses BCG's (birth control glasses). They are the ones the military issue out for free. Aren't they hideous!!!

I thought dad would think this picture is funny. I have one of me with speghetti all over my face just like this when I was about the same age.

"Dude, check out my new hair-do. I'm the man huh?"

Ok, I know this is so pathetic, but I just have to post these pictures of Gabriel. I couldn't decide which one to post, so I'm posting all of them. He's so dang cute. He is at that age where he smiles for the camera. The second I pull it out, he's giving me a huge grin. He got his first hair cut on Sunday. Daddy took the clippers to it. He looks much older now I think.


Jess and Jen said...

Those are great pics of Gabe. He is a handsome dude. You guys done good! -Jess

Chris said...

He's such a smiley little character. And yes, he does look older - and much different than he did with lots of hair. It looks lighter as well - is it?
I'll have to have Dad get your photo scanned with the spaghetti face and we'll post it - then we can compare. :)
How is Eva? Has her temperature gone down?

Chris said...

It is so great to see such good smiles on those kid's faces. They are happy and that makes me happy, too.

Yes, I love the spaghetti picture. The one of Lindsey that age in the same circumstance is one of my favorites.

Hans, do you know how lucky you are to have those kids and such a great wife? They love you so much, and I guess those kids are half yours anyway. But they are mine, too. Love you all.

Dad Clark

Jason said...

He is one good looking little guy.

chelsey said...

Love the smile! He's growing up so fast!