Sunday, January 18, 2009

Part 4: Izmir, Turkey

We didn't do the typical tourist thing here in Izmir. We walked thru the real streets of this city to experience life of turkish people. It was very interesting and a wonderful day. The people of turkey are so wonderful and kind. We had some great experiences with some of the local people. We walked everywhere that day.

It was extremely dirty and the buildings were run down. I thought this was picture was interesting though. There was a tree and green shrubs growing amidst the rubble.

There are wild animals everywhere here. I saw so many stray cats and dogs. I thought this was funny though. I've never seen cats and chickens dwelling together like this.

These little girls are so beautiful. They were playing with some jewlery. I went closer and got a close-up picture of them and they thought it was so cool to see their picture on the digital screen. Their moms came out and smiled and were so nice. They didn't speak English, but they were still very sweet and friendly.

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Jess and Jen said...

The picture of the girls is cute. I love that their shoes are all lined up...that is exactly what my girls would do with their friends! --Jen